As the world leaps into the digital revolution, almost everyone in this world wants to be a part of this. The world is slowly becoming one – where borders, language, and ethnicity are blurred and all that remains are the ideas. In such a time where anyone can shine up and make something out of their ideas, people are clamouring to showcase their talent. The question, however, arises about the platform where to publish these. If you answer the following questions affirmatively, you too need what we are about to tell you in this post.

– Do you have a lot of ideas about creating content but do not know what platform to publish on?
– Are you worried you will be left behind in the race due to a lack of digital knowledge?
– Are you a beginner with knowledge but lesser funds?
– Do you have a burning urge to get recognized for your ideas?
– Do you have things you want the world to know?

If you answered all these questions as “YES”, look no further. What you need is a comprehensive, user-friendly CMS website or Content Management System.

What is a Content Management System?

Before we begin, for those uninitiated, let us answer what is on your mind – what is a CMS solution or a Content Management System? Just as the name reflects, CMS is a platform that allows you to manage, modify, or create content and publish it online. When we say content, it may be creating a website or a blog and publishing them online – all this without needing to learn any coding languages like HTML, CSS, etc. You can design your website or blog using several (and we mean thousands) of the pre-existing templates and designs that suit your requirements and fancies.

How does CMS Website work?

CMS platforms comprise of two parts – content management systems and content delivery systems – which take care of all coding and database requirements. This leaves you free to simply select the templates and fill them in for a fully functional website. In fact, with all the plug-ins available, you can publish a functional e-commerce website with payment integrations – all this for a minimal price, or as in some cases, completely free of cost!

Some of the most commonly used CMS platforms are WordPress(also our favorite), Drupal, Joomla, etc. We will get back to these sites in more detail. But let us first make you understand why selecting a CMS website for content creation and publishing is the best option for you.

Benefits of Content Management Systems

While we have hinted at a few of the benefits of using a CMS platform for publishing or making your website, here are a few more to help you understand better.

While several other benefits come by using a CMS Platform, the ones mentioned above are enough to get you to begin your dream project.

Which is the Best CMS Platform?

Once you have understood the reasons for selecting a CMS Website for creating content and websites, the next question that users ask us – Which is the best CMS Platform?

While we did mention a few content management systems above, our personal favorite happens to be WordPress. Several established magazines and institutions use WordPress to host their website. Vogue, The Sun, BBC America, Microsoft News, Bloomberg, Sony Music, TED Blog, etc are only a few amongst the many of the established brands using WordPress as their CMS Website.

Why WordPress?

With a total market share of 62%, WordPress happens to be the most widely used CMS platform in the world. The second CMS platform that comes nearest to this is Joomla, with a 5.2% market share worldwide. With a gap this huge, there is no doubt of the ability WordPress has to attract its clientele. Being open-source in nature, it constantly keeps updating and increasing its options what with the very versatile community of developers, bloggers, and web designers working for it. Due to its customizable features, WordPress is especially famous amongst hobby bloggers and businesses alike.

WordPress Website Development platform offers the users extremely user-friendly, cost-effective solutions providing the users with thousands of design templates, plugins, and options for a world-class website. To date, WordPress hosts more than 455 million websites online, almost 37% of all websites live on the internet today. Using coding language MySQL and PHP, WordPress integrates several functional plug-ins to increase your website productivity and sales.

10 Benefits of WordPress Website Development

While we have already explained some of the benefits of using a CMS Website, the benefits of using specifically WordPress as a CMS are several. We have curated a list of ten of these benefits just so you understand the importance of using WordPress as your beginner Content Management system:

1) Free Platform. You own what you make.

WordPress is an open-source platform meaning it is open for developmental use by all. No single company owns it or charges its users for their service. Therefore, people who develop their websites on this platform are the owners of these websites. WordPress cannot add or delete content from these websites nor decide to take these running websites off the internet.

2) No need for prior coding experience. Saves Time.

For people with no prior coding experience, developing a website is nightmarish or cost-consuming. WordPress comes to the rescue of such people and lets them develop websites using pre-existing design templates. Not only is this an effective way of developing websites, but it also saves WordPress developers a lot of time. Further, for those who are lost on WordPress, help is simply a click away. WordPress also conducts regular webinars for those wanting to learn more about various ways of using all of the WordPress features to make a world-class blog or website.

3) Scalability

WordPress Website Development allows the users to expand the scope of their websites as and when required by their business. You can use WordPress to create a website with multiple logins and user ids. Apart from this, there is no website length or pages limit on WordPress. That means you can add or remove as many or few pages as you wish. You have the complete freedom to scale up or scale down your website.

4) Variety of templates, designs, and plugins

WordPress gives you the freedom to choose your design and build your website the way you wish. The variety of pre-made templates makes the entire process smooth and time-saving. Further, WordPress has over 54,000 plugins and 7400 themes available. All you need to do is understand the requirements of your business and select the design and plugins accordingly. Viola! Your fully functional and equipped business website is ready and loaded for your customers to make use of. Just to give you an idea of the scale of WordPress plugins: the most popular plugin is WooCommerce which is an e-commerce plugin having a market share of 25% and amounting to 7% of all online sales.

5) Cost-effective

Due to the availability of free tools for website development, using WordPress as CMS turns out to be cost-effective for start-ups and businesses looking to increase their overall ROI. Further, since there are no running maintenance costs, your business gets on the digital platform cost- and hassle-free. You do not require a dedicated team of WordPress developers to look after the building and maintenance of your website. You can do it yourself, saving you a lot of time and money!

6) Easy management and analytics

If you are wondering about all the glitches and maintenance issues that crop up during the functioning of the website – worry no more! WordPress is the most loved CMS platform for a reason. The entire scope of website maintenance falls to WordPress, and you only have one thing to worry about – the design and scalability of your website. All the backend processes such as maintenance, glitch resolution, updates, etc are taken care of by WordPress.

Further, WordPress also offers its clients website analytics through the MonsterInsights plugin that allows Google Analytics to integrate with WordPress. All the analytics and reports required to make informed decisions regarding your strategies are available on WordPress. The analytics provide you with information and details regarding:

– the number of visitors per day basis,
– the sources diverting most traffic to your website,
– popular pages on your site,
– user activity on your website, etc.

7) Constant updates

You can use WordPress in more than 60 languages. It enables users to develop websites without knowing English, especially as the instructions are available in several languages. It makes the WordPress website one of the most universally accepted websites used as CMS. It also allows businesses and users from regions where English is not the primary language to develop websites using regional languages.

Apart from the language aspect, WordPress constantly allows users to update their existing websites and content online. WordPress also allows for regular webinars and training for the users, to enable them to understand the features better and learn about various ways of improving their existing websites.

8) SEO facility available

WordPress developers can develop SEO-enabled websites making it easier for these websites to be indexed by Google Search Engine. WordPress website development has special features where meta tags, keywords, titles, etc against images, posts, and pages can be posted. This makes these pages SEO efficient, increasing their chances of being looked upon in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Further, you can use plugins such as “SEO by Yoast” to boost the SEO in your content or website.

9) Security

One of the major concerns of people when selecting a web hosting service is the security provided by that web-hosting service. WordPress offers continuous updates, giving out improvements and bug fixes to ensure the safety of your website and data. Be it WordPress core or plugins, WordPress developers strive to provide the best version of it all proactively, thereby reducing the potential risk factors. Further, since WordPress offers open-source, its processes are transparent, and the users can stay informed about all updates and plugins.

10) Compatibility

WordPress is easily compatible with any of your company or business’s existing software base. It helps by enabling you and your colleagues to manage the WordPress website with ease, without shelling out more money on achieving integration. Another feature that makes WordPress the best option for developing a website is that it allows for easy integration with payment gateways such as Paypal, Amazon, PayMill, POS, etc. All you have to do is download the requisite plugins, and add those to the fundamental design of your website. It is as easy as that!

Your Takeaway

With so many benefits on the platter and such a user-friendly platform, hide no more behind your coding or financial fears. WordPress offers to make all your dreams come true. All it takes is a simple click of your mouse. If you still feel intimidated, you can take the help of WordPress Developers to develop a website for you on WordPress CMS. Decide now and act fast. You are losing your potential to grow with each passing day!

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