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Work From Home – STOP COVID-19

Are you working from home and it is your first time experience? For thousands of parents, this could be an extra challenge to balance work and life at home! Work from home for a day occasionally wouldn’t be difficult but for a long time it becomes challenging. With greater distractions, you might end up in a mess. Well, don’t worry… You can make your work from home experience really wonderful by following the tips and tricks shared below: 

Get started with a routine

When working in an office, your morning bells would commute earlier and can help you to get ready on-time to reach your office desk. Well, at home, your transition from the bed to the laptop will in fact be jarring. This is the primary thumb rule you need to take care. Make your productivity efficient by waking up early as you do during the office hours. Late morning can pull everything with a delay right from breakfast, and at last you will be left sluggish without being motivated. Hence plan your routine and be earlier to start your day with fresh mind and thoughts. 

Set limitations with family and children

It is always wise to set boundaries with your family and children while you work from home. Particularly, people with school-aged kids should follow this without any compromise. Keep them occupied the whole day, when you are held up with your office assignments. Give them books to read and turn their favorite TV channels to kill time in an ironic way. Always let your kids understand your screen time and instruct them not to disturb you during work. Make them acquainted with the simple stop sign, go sign, stay calm sign when being involved in work. This can help to control them with actions when something goes crazy among the siblings. 

Structure your day and workplace 

Remember, work from home could be a wonderful perk if it is right structured. You might quickly burn out or lose focus when working from home, while this should be taken under control. Be productive without being distracted and work as per your schedules and targets. Create a To Do List for the day and wind up only after it is done. Set alarms, remainders, and create your project events aligned one after the other. This can eventually help you to accomplish your office assignments productively well.

Don’t mess up your time with social media

Many of you will quickly get distracted with the message pop-ups and social media. With a thought to explore it for a minute might drag your time to several long hours. This can make your official work harder to complete. Spending enough hours in social media and being active with your media chats can ruin your time completely. Hence be cautious to stay away from social media networks. Work from home is just like you work at the office. Be sincere and dedicated to complete the everyday routines.

Take a Break 

Sincerity and dedication doesn’t entail that you should remain active all day long without a break. Though you might be stressed to balance work and home, you need to take a break during work time. Lunch break, tea break is very essential to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body. Take a break to grab some snacks to munch while work, take a quick walk to gulp some water. Doing so, your mind can unplug and reset with fresh thoughts and ideas. 

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