Apple iPhone 12 Launch 2020

The Apple force is ready to launch its new model of iphone, which is being touted as one of the most revolutionary phones to be put up front for the consumers. Apple iPhone 12 Launch 2020 is slotted for October or November and markets are already abuzz with the upgrade that iphone will be getting.

What is New in the iphone 12?

Assuming that you are already acquainted with the basic features, here we will focus on the revolutionary features that have been put in the new iphone 12. While Apple has been hinting about these ideas since long, the actual implementation for the masses has only come now. We can’t wait for the new Apple iphone 12 launch.

Mind-blowingly fast

Iphone 11 was fast, but iphone 12 is going to be like a whirlwind. The new chipset that Apple iphone 12 is getting will allow the iphone CPU and GPU to process with speeds faster by 40 and 50 percent respectively. The new chip – A14 – is already all set to make iphone 12 the fastest smartphone in the entire market!

How A14 boosts performance?

The new chip A14 is packed with more transistors, as compared to the previous iphone model. This difference was achieved by reduction in the size of the transistors, a miracle in itself. With more transistors, the iphone has a boosted performance. The A13 chip provided 600 billion operations per second; however, the new A14 allows for 5 trillion operations per second! 5G modems and high refresh rates are a few other add-ons that the new A14 chip brings to the users.

Low power consumption

Amongst the many features of iphone 12, the long battery life is what makes to the top of the list! The power consumption is reduced by 30%, giving the iphone 12 a long battery life.

Better and Faster Graphics

More transistors and faster phone also means better graphics. The A14 bionic chip also integrates a four-core graphics system, meaning that it will provide faster graphics performance and an overall multithreaded performance. It is expected that the Graphics Performance will see a jump by 50 percent in its speed of performing tasks. This will make not just gaming experience better, but also other computational functions such as machine learning, image processing etc.

A few other features enabling better graphics performance are OLED super retina display, 10 bit color, triple camera, LIDAR. The display will have the capability of shifting from 120 Hz to 60 Hz depending upon the usage in order to save battery life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in iphone 12

The scientists and developers at Apple have been trying hard since a long time to integrate a smart camera in the iphone, using machine learning algorithms called as neural networks. With 5nm A14 chips, more chips can be packed, with more transistors, giving the developers a free hand in packing more features into the iphone 12, integrating Artificial Intelligence with the camera and other functions.

Third party Neural Engine integration

The neural engine of iphone 12 will also be designed to integrate third party apps and software, inspiring better functions for the users. This will be a revolutionary step in the history of iphone, where third parties were never permitted to be integrated with the iphone software.

Enhanced Augmented Reality

One of the other features that requires special mention here is that of heightened Augmented reality capabilities which are featured in the new iphone 12 slotted to be launched soon. While the recent previous iphone models like iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro did have augmented reality enabled apps like Minecraft world etc, the new iphone 12 will also have a more sophisticated 3D camera. This camera will have an inbuilt laser scanner that would help create a 3D image or replicas of the real world, giving the users a heightened augmented reality experience.


Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser or VCSEL is a laser emitting sensor that helps determine the distance of the subject. This gives the users an image, which has depth information in the pixels, thereby producing a low resolution, colourless image. This technology helps in enhancing the overall augmented reality functions of the iphone 12. This also allows one to bring out 3D pictures through the camera.


IOT or Internet of Things means sharing of the global infrastructure of information. With better neural system, the iphone 12 is slotted to have more artificial intelligence features and IOT is one of these. This feature allows the iphone to be interconnected with real and virtual things, giving a better and more informative experience to the user.

Awesome Camera Features

Camera is most notably the best feature in iphone 12. With LIDAR assisted auto focus, subject detection, enhanced video recording modes, enhanced night mode where exposure is increased to give better lighting, noise reduction, 3X zoom and last but not the least, the bit depth video feature –all make the iphone 12 one of the best smartphone launch of the year. With Bit depth video mode, users can make 3D videos giving an experience of augmented reality.


It would not be wrong to conclude that the new apple iphone 12 launch is one of the most awaited launches of the year. This is going to start a new revolutionary trend where Artificial intelligence and augmented reality become the new normal in everyday lives. Not to forget the faster than flash processing of the phone, the users of this iphone are in for an extremely pleasant experience.

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