AUSTRALIANS will consider it difficult to illicitly download free music and films due to the interruption of government’s war on copyright infringement that acclaims as “game-evolving”.

Download websites including 123,, and as well are out of use already, as they have been blocked abiding to the present laws however Mitch Fifield – Communications Minister is promoting for intense new powers in order to stop extensive websites and as well ban new websites that keeps popping up. 

As per the projected laws to be preceded, authentic force will likewise have the option to drive web crawlers such as Google to stop shameless crime by evolving pirate websites which lets the network addicts to access and download movies and music illegitimately.  

Graham Burke, CEO of Australian film organization Village Roadshow, acclaimed new laws which could be the game changing to the business while condemning Google for being as abhorrent source in online conduct. 

We are geared to give our fullest cooperation with Google, the renowned search engine. We have seen great Google and awful Google. Be that as it may, awful Google stays as insidious as Big Tobacco was 30 years back. They completely understand what they do and even realize that they encourage and reinforce cybercrime and it’s the ideal opportunity to declutter this misbehave,” he disclosed to News Corp.

Also, he blamed Google for “unashamedly encouraging cybercrime” by taking individuals to criminal piracy websites. 

For instance, when a user enters Mad Max Fury … that is all it requires to type, whereby the auto complete would come up with an option stating ‘Distraught Max Fury Road Download Free’ and quickly direct you towards the pirated webpage. 

“This new enactment which comes into the limelight tomorrow entails that Australia will hold back some munitions from the government, so we could battle to live out.  

Right now, laws presented in 2015 permit copyright proprietors to look for a Federal Court request to impede pirated sites. 

News measures has been set which would extend and unfold the present laws and aid the musicians, film producers and several copywriters to look for court orders which could drive the search engine crawlers like Yahoo, Google and other providers including iiNet demote, to remove or expunge or block those pirated search results. 

Taking all such essential actions will also block the mirror pages that are very renowned for its accessibility. Though the government takes essential action on online piracy, Google – the most renowned search engine leads its visitors giving a feasible navigation to the piracy websites without showing respect to the Australian law. This profoundly troubles and creates worst impact to the Australian Creative economy and lifestyle, said Burke. 

As a reply, a representative from Google stated that: Google never encourages online piracy and has been taking serious measures to combat against copyright infringement. Most importantly, we invest several millions of dollars in systems and tools which help us combat online piracy. 

Accessing pirated sites is cyber-theft! Either streaming or downloading any pirate music or movies or any television shows is quite alike pilfering DVD from a store, says Minister Fifield. The government is with no tolerance and takes necessary actions for online piracy. It results with negative impacts, where the local creators and creative economy get offended. It’s our liability to protect and save the Australia’s Creative Industry – the Minister explains.  

The latest Copyright Amendment Bill 2018 is geared to determine and influence copyright holders. This indeed not just allows to block the pirated sites but as well drives the web crawlers such as Bing and Google to eliminate its existence in the search results. The infringing websites will stay away from showing up! 

The recent amendments in laws will facilitate the Australian rights holders to control and impede the distribution of piracy source – that’s really overwhelming and appreciable. The importance of copyrights is valued and the Australian creative industry will incur its benefits for the hard work bestowed. 

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