Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence
Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

AI aka Terminator?

The first image that comes to our mind when we think of artificial intelligence is that of the Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. Isn’t that what we have seen in the movies and read in the magazines how the future will look like if we keep building upon the AI platform? Read on if you thought so too.

So What is Artificial Intelligence?

Anything which has the capacity or intelligence to follow certain set of tasks and make decision can be termed as Artificial Intelligence or AI. To name a few AI based gadgets, Siri, Alexa, self driven cars etc make a few modern day appliances which function on the platform of Artificial Intelligence.

Types of AI

Depending upon the ability of the AI to perform more complex tasks, AI can be divided into two categories – Narrow AI or weak AI and Strong AI or General AI. Till now, the kind of AI that we have been using are narrow AI. Developers and scientists are working together to develop strong AI, however, that might take a few decades or so to actually materialize.

Do we need AI?

That is one question that most people around the world are asking. The truth is, using AI definitely helps reduce the time taken to do a certain task. In fact, the precision that we get through using AI is not humanly possible. Several precision surgeries, missile attacks, threat monitoring etc are the tasks which are possible today only because we have AI running.

AI spells Doom for Humanity?

Despite the benefits that we have achieved from the use of AI, several imminent scientists and thinkers have been continuously warning us about the safety with regards to using AI. For instance, Stephen Hawking is quoted as saying “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

What is the concern?

If you think that AI will spring up as robotics with a machine gun in their hand trying to shoot all humans they see, then let me assure you that it is a far-fetched thought. Nevertheless, AI, when programmed to continuously develop itself and re-design itself keeping certain goals in mind, then a time may come when the AI development out-paces the understanding of human mind. If it comes to it, then earth will have a consciousness, which out-smarts the consciousness of humans.

Risks of Super AI

The only thing that makes humans rule the world is our smartness. Although there are creatures that far outweigh the humans when it comes to their physical strength, the only reason we stay supreme on earth is our brain capacity. If we end up developing a super intelligent being or computer, it will threaten our supremacy on earth. This might mean that we will have to move about in accordance to the rules set by the super AI rather than the other way round. It is hence of surmount importance that we analyze the benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence.

If AI goals differ from ours

Scientists are of the view that unless we align our goals minutely with the goals of the super AI, there might be risk associated with super intelligence. For instance, if we program our self-driven cars with the objective of reaching X place fastest, the car might not take into account the speed that humans can tolerate or the obstacles that come in the way. Thus, programming very carefully and aligning the human goals with AI intricately is of utmost importance.

Automated Weapons posing a threat to humankind

When it comes to the automated weapons which are controlled through AI, the threat it would impose on everyone is undeniable if the goals pushing AI are different than ours. Another perspective of such weapons would be that there would be only a few people controlling the world if such a thing came to pass. These few people would be those who control the super AI; thus the fate of the world would be at the hands of selected few. Of course, there is also a point where the super AI exceeds the controls of all humans and hence, controls the fate of humanity on its own.

Benefits of AI

It is undeniable that if such a super computer or super intelligence can be developed, there is a possibility that Earth might be rid of all illness, poverty and war. In fact, the whole environment might be able to heal itself and humans may move towards a whole new era that can only be dreamt of or seen in sci-fi movies.

Improved Healthcare

As we have already mentioned earlier, the precision that can be achieved using AI is unmatched. Therefore, healthcare is the field that benefits most from the use of AI.

Space exploration

Since the calculations and formulas utilized by super AI cannot be wrong, even as the super AI has the power to take into account all variables, the science of space exploration will take a turn for good when super AI is used to analyze, prepare and execute a mission.

To conclude

Till date, no one person has come to the conclusion about whether AI would be good or bad for the humanity. Nevertheless, one can hope that with all the advancements taking place in this field, the only factors that play on ground are the ones which benefit the humans.

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Apple iPhone 12 Launch 2020

The Apple force is ready to launch its new model of iphone, which is being touted as one of the most revolutionary phones to be put up front for the consumers. Apple iPhone 12 Launch 2020 is slotted for October or November and markets are already abuzz with the upgrade that iphone will be getting.

What is New in the iphone 12?

Assuming that you are already acquainted with the basic features, here we will focus on the revolutionary features that have been put in the new iphone 12. While Apple has been hinting about these ideas since long, the actual implementation for the masses has only come now. We can’t wait for the new Apple iphone 12 launch.

Mind-blowingly fast

Iphone 11 was fast, but iphone 12 is going to be like a whirlwind. The new chipset that Apple iphone 12 is getting will allow the iphone CPU and GPU to process with speeds faster by 40 and 50 percent respectively. The new chip – A14 – is already all set to make iphone 12 the fastest smartphone in the entire market!

How A14 boosts performance?

The new chip A14 is packed with more transistors, as compared to the previous iphone model. This difference was achieved by reduction in the size of the transistors, a miracle in itself. With more transistors, the iphone has a boosted performance. The A13 chip provided 600 billion operations per second; however, the new A14 allows for 5 trillion operations per second! 5G modems and high refresh rates are a few other add-ons that the new A14 chip brings to the users.

Low power consumption

Amongst the many features of iphone 12, the long battery life is what makes to the top of the list! The power consumption is reduced by 30%, giving the iphone 12 a long battery life.

Better and Faster Graphics

More transistors and faster phone also means better graphics. The A14 bionic chip also integrates a four-core graphics system, meaning that it will provide faster graphics performance and an overall multithreaded performance. It is expected that the Graphics Performance will see a jump by 50 percent in its speed of performing tasks. This will make not just gaming experience better, but also other computational functions such as machine learning, image processing etc.

A few other features enabling better graphics performance are OLED super retina display, 10 bit color, triple camera, LIDAR. The display will have the capability of shifting from 120 Hz to 60 Hz depending upon the usage in order to save battery life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in iphone 12

The scientists and developers at Apple have been trying hard since a long time to integrate a smart camera in the iphone, using machine learning algorithms called as neural networks. With 5nm A14 chips, more chips can be packed, with more transistors, giving the developers a free hand in packing more features into the iphone 12, integrating Artificial Intelligence with the camera and other functions.

Third party Neural Engine integration

The neural engine of iphone 12 will also be designed to integrate third party apps and software, inspiring better functions for the users. This will be a revolutionary step in the history of iphone, where third parties were never permitted to be integrated with the iphone software.

Enhanced Augmented Reality

One of the other features that requires special mention here is that of heightened Augmented reality capabilities which are featured in the new iphone 12 slotted to be launched soon. While the recent previous iphone models like iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro did have augmented reality enabled apps like Minecraft world etc, the new iphone 12 will also have a more sophisticated 3D camera. This camera will have an inbuilt laser scanner that would help create a 3D image or replicas of the real world, giving the users a heightened augmented reality experience.


Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser or VCSEL is a laser emitting sensor that helps determine the distance of the subject. This gives the users an image, which has depth information in the pixels, thereby producing a low resolution, colourless image. This technology helps in enhancing the overall augmented reality functions of the iphone 12. This also allows one to bring out 3D pictures through the camera.


IOT or Internet of Things means sharing of the global infrastructure of information. With better neural system, the iphone 12 is slotted to have more artificial intelligence features and IOT is one of these. This feature allows the iphone to be interconnected with real and virtual things, giving a better and more informative experience to the user.

Awesome Camera Features

Camera is most notably the best feature in iphone 12. With LIDAR assisted auto focus, subject detection, enhanced video recording modes, enhanced night mode where exposure is increased to give better lighting, noise reduction, 3X zoom and last but not the least, the bit depth video feature –all make the iphone 12 one of the best smartphone launch of the year. With Bit depth video mode, users can make 3D videos giving an experience of augmented reality.


It would not be wrong to conclude that the new apple iphone 12 launch is one of the most awaited launches of the year. This is going to start a new revolutionary trend where Artificial intelligence and augmented reality become the new normal in everyday lives. Not to forget the faster than flash processing of the phone, the users of this iphone are in for an extremely pleasant experience.

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Working Remotely
Man working from home with laptop during quarantine. Home office and parenthood at same time. Exhausted parent with hyperactive child. Chaos with kids during isolation

How People and Companies Feel About Working Remotely

The global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus has completely changed the way the world operates. Gone are the days when early mornings were marred with the rush of daily commuters to offices, schools, colleges and workstations. The world has been redesigned and the definitions of work management, remodeled.

While the concept of work-from-home is not altogether new and had been gaining momentum past few years, the onset of Coronavirus has hastened the process of establishing it as the new normal. Almost all offices that can adopt to it, have already adapted to the system of work-from-home, where employees are comfortably settled in their nests and working at their leisure and convenience. Even education systems have been overhauled and students are now learning from the comforts of their homes.

While all things have their ups and downs, the benefits and disadvantages of the work-from-home atmospheres are yet to be assessed and realized. With the need to physically be inside the office vanishing, the entire workforce is going global, where physical boundaries no longer exist for the companies and their employees.

Why 97% of Global Workforce wants to Work-from-home

It is undeniable that time, if used efficiently, can actually enhance the work efficiency and output of the employees. The time and energy people spent on commuting, can now be saved and hence utilized in other more productive works.

What earlier used to be a mad rush for getting things done and reaching office in time, has now become leisurely, not only affecting the employees’ physical health, but also improving their overall emotional and psychological base as well. For working parents, the usual guilt trips for not being able to give time to their kids is now long gone, providing the parents as well as the children a safe environment to grow up together, while not neglecting their work or profession.

Some of the other more minor, but sure advantages of working remotely are curbing the expenditure on unnecessary official trousseau, eating outside, official parties etc. Further, couples are spending more time together, helping each other on their respective projects and even understanding what is going on in the professional lives of their partners better. This has helped in improving their mental well-being. Flexible timings, deadlines etc all help improve the employee output as well.

It would not be wrong to say that not only are the employees feeling happy about working remotely, but even the employers are feeling relieved. For one, the rental charges of the offices are considerably reduced, if all employees can function remotely. This saves the company a lot of revenue. Secondly, the maintenance of the premises also includes a huge share of expense. With the premises gone, this extra expense is also saved. With a huge saving in company’s pocket, even as the services are continually provided to the clients via online processes, the employers also are in a win-win situation.

Why working remotely may not be as tempting as it appears

As advantageous as it may sound, the prospect of working remotely also has its own share of disadvantages and disappointments. The first amongst the rest is the added responsibilities that the employees have to deal with. With regular office, the employees did not have to worry about the daily household chores or the kids. However, with everyone staying at home and the household help missing, people are under added pressure to take care of needs other than that of offices.

Multi-tasking is the new game rule, where employees have to juggle the household chores along with the office work. The task is even more challenging for those with kids. With the kids staying indoors all the time, it is a humungous task for the parents to keep the kids occupied and away from their (parents’) work-stations. Distraction, therefore, makes for the biggest hurdle for employees working from home.

Working remotely is also challenging for those who do not have a reliable network. The entire basis of work-from-home underlies a good network that can take the load of one’s programs and dada usage. Without this, the entire system of working remotely crumbles. Not every person involved in the industry, though, has access to these, thereby, posing a challenge of including every person involved in a project.

Further, working remotely has resulted in a lot of people travelling back to their native places. This has resulted in a lot of time lags and difficulty to collaborate and communicate efficiently. The process has now become more time-taking keeping in view of these difficulties.

Another disadvantage that involves work-from-home is the psychological impact it is having on people. For once, where office used to be the meeting point of all colleagues turned friends, people are now sitting back in their respective homes, thereby feeling lonely and demotivated. Thus, the work efficiency might be impacted for people working remotely. Furthermore, the communication between the employees and colleagues gets hampered with the work-from-home scenario. Issues that are easier to discuss when face to face, become more difficult to handle in a remote environment.


Everything new that the world gets always has a few pluses and minuses. With the COVID-19 situation still going strong all around the world, the lockdowns and working remotely are here to stay. As the world tries to keep up with the changing world scenario, make the most of what you have, adapt to the changing times and keep giving your best.

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“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man” – Elbert Hubbard

The above quote may stand valid in the current scenario as robots are working in conjunction with humans for better coordination and improved efficiency, precision.

For example, the highly automated factory of Casio watches has human labor for manufacturing and assembly of the watch parts where robots cannot attain the skill-set of human in doing that particular job.

The capitalistic market is investing in the field of robotics to as they are less tolerant about the emotional approach of humans towards jobs. The Robots are increasingly getting smart due to advancement in the field of computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks which may replace many jobs in the future.

Let us have a look at how these 10 Jobs where robots are increasingly replacing humans.


The robot chefs are capable of cooking a dish entirely from start to finish by mimicking the skill and ability of a professional chef. The consumer can select the menu based on their need. The robot chef can identify the ingredients using computer vision and can wash, cut, and add them to the dish. The probability of robot replacing human on the commercial scale are showing an upward trend.


Highly developed computer vision and sensor components of robots pave the way to improvement in the field of logistics. Few robot manufacturers and food logistics company have collaborated to make food delivery quicker and hassle-free. Amazon is also checking out its feasibility on using delivery drones to deliver their products. Even though the trials look promising, the limitations of such robots are evident too.


Recently, dominos tried out their pizza delivery using self-driving cars. Increasing use of GPS and smarter sensor systems of automobiles can function on its own to pick up a commute from one place to another. Tesla cars are smart enough to change lanes in auto-pilot mode and can apply brakes when they face any obstruction. Trucks are known for their long travel, and such self-driving functions will increase the safety of the driver and its goods.

Cloth manufacturing

Cloth manufacturing is a complex and tedious process. It involves human labor with a varied skill set along with machinery of different functions. A large amount of semi-skilled and skilled human workers are dependent on these jobs providing direct or indirect employment to a large community of people. With the arrival of latest cloth manufacturing robot, the jobs are said to be under threat.  The improved computer vision enables the robot to cut and sew the cloth pieces together with accurate precision.


News reading demands voice dynamics and the ability to deliver the news with less context. A Chinese news agency used the AI-powered news reader to its news delivery platform. It was trained to read the news from a teleprompter through machine learning algorithm. It is also known to simulate the gestures, voice and facial movements similar to the human news reader. The AI news reader is criticized for not having the human touch and makes us realize that technology has a long way to go.


The ability of robots to diagnose a patient based on the disease symptoms and medical reports can reduce the chances of misdiagnosis. A recent study says that 1 in 20 patients are affected due to misdiagnosis.  A robot monitors a patient with sensors for an extended period, and the medical data is continuously stored in the database. The robots conduct a periodic survey with the patients to find out the exact match of disease and compare the data with existing medical case studies. IBM’s Watson, unveiled in 2014, is a classic example of a medical robot known to have analyzed 25000 training cases, 605000 pieces of medical evidence, 2 million pages of text which surpasses the human ability to conduct research and diagnosis.


Medical surgeons are one of the highest paid jobs in the world. But, it is a known fact that human surgeons are prone to make minor errors in surgery due to stress and long working hours. Such errors can be avoided while depending on robotic surgeons. The robots can carry out any complex operations with speed and precision.

Warehouse helper

Carrying heavy loads of products can be tiresome for warehouse helpers. Robots can carry out these tedious jobs in a shorter time and higher capacity. Alibaba’s warehouse is equipped with robots capable of doing 70% of the work. They are known to carry loads up to 500 kgs without colliding with each other. These robots work for a period of 4 to 5 hours with a 5 minutes charge and are capable of self-driving to charge station when they run out of charge.

Telephone Operators

Nowadays, we can witness that sales and supports calls are frequently handled by voice bots and chatbots. Many companies are building voice bots, chatbots with better intelligence and employ them to cut down cost on the human workforce.


Driven by ideas from science-fiction movies like Terminator, i-robot the role of robots have started dominating the field of military and defence. Robots can perform various operation right from carrying out combat operation to rescue mission, and government agencies are trying to take advantage of robotic advancements. Boston dynamics have developed many versions of robots that can perform trekking loaded with combat equipment. Fedor is a Russian robot which can shoot guns and drive military vehicles. It is also capable of mirroring human operators movements.

The world economic forum predicts that robots will replace 75 million jobs globally by 2022, it also conveys that it will create 133 million new jobs. The prediction can be a considered a net positive. We, humans, have to be equipped with new sets of skills to meet the employment opportunities in the future jobs market.

work from home
Work From Home – STOP COVID-19

Are you working from home and it is your first time experience? For thousands of parents, this could be an extra challenge to balance work and life at home! Work from home for a day occasionally wouldn’t be difficult but for a long time it becomes challenging. With greater distractions, you might end up in a mess. Well, don’t worry… You can make your work from home experience really wonderful by following the tips and tricks shared below: 

Get started with a routine

When working in an office, your morning bells would commute earlier and can help you to get ready on-time to reach your office desk. Well, at home, your transition from the bed to the laptop will in fact be jarring. This is the primary thumb rule you need to take care. Make your productivity efficient by waking up early as you do during the office hours. Late morning can pull everything with a delay right from breakfast, and at last you will be left sluggish without being motivated. Hence plan your routine and be earlier to start your day with fresh mind and thoughts. 

Set limitations with family and children

It is always wise to set boundaries with your family and children while you work from home. Particularly, people with school-aged kids should follow this without any compromise. Keep them occupied the whole day, when you are held up with your office assignments. Give them books to read and turn their favorite TV channels to kill time in an ironic way. Always let your kids understand your screen time and instruct them not to disturb you during work. Make them acquainted with the simple stop sign, go sign, stay calm sign when being involved in work. This can help to control them with actions when something goes crazy among the siblings. 

Structure your day and workplace 

Remember, work from home could be a wonderful perk if it is right structured. You might quickly burn out or lose focus when working from home, while this should be taken under control. Be productive without being distracted and work as per your schedules and targets. Create a To Do List for the day and wind up only after it is done. Set alarms, remainders, and create your project events aligned one after the other. This can eventually help you to accomplish your office assignments productively well.

Don’t mess up your time with social media

Many of you will quickly get distracted with the message pop-ups and social media. With a thought to explore it for a minute might drag your time to several long hours. This can make your official work harder to complete. Spending enough hours in social media and being active with your media chats can ruin your time completely. Hence be cautious to stay away from social media networks. Work from home is just like you work at the office. Be sincere and dedicated to complete the everyday routines.

Take a Break 

Sincerity and dedication doesn’t entail that you should remain active all day long without a break. Though you might be stressed to balance work and home, you need to take a break during work time. Lunch break, tea break is very essential to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body. Take a break to grab some snacks to munch while work, take a quick walk to gulp some water. Doing so, your mind can unplug and reset with fresh thoughts and ideas. 

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5G technology
concept of future technology 5G network wireless systems and internet of things

The scope of technology is progressively developing and plays a predominant role in all the inventions and approach. Space force mission gets its complete power and action with the successful technological formulas. 

It is stated that, US space force mission rigorously incorporates the stupendous endorsement of 5G technology. Many reliable resources have been proclaiming about this in the recent times. Are you really evoked to accumulate a better detailing about this subject? Do you want to grab a complete briefing about this caption? Come on, go through the information discussed in detail. 

It has been stated that, 5G is the primary key to the future Space Force and moreover its responsibility will be quite intriguing to the Air Force, said the vice commander Lt. Gen. David Thompson. For connecting the 5G devices, each of the space communications will play a primary role for making it productive. The global rush for evolving 5G networks is about to play a decisive role in Space Mission, said the Air Force Leader. 

The development of uncluttered 5G networks is set to play a major role of building the military’s affiliated service meant to space. It’s time to take actions in 5G, said the acquisition head during the Symposium in Orlando at Florida. 

The world is more and likely towards the internet development and that is why the support of wider bandwidth is expected. For an enhanced and thriving connectivity of the 5G devices, it’s mandatory to add the space based communications effectively well. Any mess up in the data exchange from one machine to another, will be a real disgrace to the efforts toiled – said Roper. 

As per the news from confidential resources, the Trump administration has been trying its hands perfect to seclude Huawei. Huawei, being known as the leading telecommunications gadget’s manufacturer is to become isolated from manufacturing a foothold in United States partner concerns. Trump administration has taken necessary action plans to keep the associates with five eyes intelligence including U.S., Australia, U.K., New Zealand and Canada. 

During January, Trump government has imparted and conveyed regret and dissatisfaction while the United Kingdom has given permission countenance to Huawei allowing limited and confined access to a few British 5G networks. This action has created a worst and aggressive influence on the U.S. for continuing the work alliances with Huawei. 

Our affiliation, alliance and partnership is all about cooperation and compliance, our adversaries are in enforcement, said the Vice commander while questioning about how DoD will contend against China. He stated that 5G is core influential for the Space Force in the future that is just like the Air Force. 

There is already a warning alarm to the military officials by the US air force commander regarding China and its upcoming technology. Of course for getting a clear picture, it’s better to be watchful and remain sharp to examine what Chinese will try to practice and accomplish with 5G. Since it is a global event, it is important to pay close attention on this subject. Maybe the lack of attention can result with terrific outbreaks and you will be left in a square corner, said Jeffrey Harrigian – USAF Gen while inquiring on the tech rush amidst US and China. 

Being in a complex and challenging situation, and as described in an open statement, It is good to grab knowledge and collective information on 5G. It requires some knowledge and education, since its venture – said the USAF Gen Jeffrey.

During the Munich Security Conference that took place last month, Nancy Pelosi – House Speaker gave a warning to nations in contradiction of dealing business with Huawei. If you are really looking ahead to build a strong and tangible respect against human rights, better stay away from dealing with Huawei and rather establish great things that stays with a freedom of information – stated Pelosi to the gathering in the conference meeting. There is a great panic with the intervention of 5G, it is expected that China could undermine or weaken the space missions and military operations in the forth-coming time period. 

Internet rules the world and autonomy is described with better and faster bandwidth, which has made 5G to play the key role in the near future. With no doubt, 5G is about to play a predominant role in the Space Force and of course it is about to set a new mission to the organization. 

As the technology promises an unbelievable delivery speed of network connectivity, it facilitates the space force to take in charge of unseen internet speed worldwide. Like the early generations, the trending 5G will remain as a benchmark and of course remains progressive to billions of lives. The US Space Force procures data streams by means of surveillance. What do you all think about this 5G association with the space force? It’s definitely going to evolve and make a great impression amidst the public and as well with the Space Force.

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eOrchids-Your Trusted IT partner
eOrchids – Your Trusted It Partner

eOrchids – Your Trusted IT Partner 

Streamline your online business with the best and harmonic approach! Wondering how to accomplish it? Are you desperately looking for the best and customized IT support and services? Well, we are here to give our stupendous assistance. 

eOrchids is a one point destination that can meet all your organization’s needs at competitive pricing. With a team of dynamic talents with several years of experience, we have been fulfilling the expectations and demands of our potential customers. 

Do you still think, why choose eOrchids for your business? Would you like to know what makes eOrchids really stand out from the rest? Alright, you can take an intact look to ensure why eOrchids is always the best choice to fulfill your business demands.  

Customized technology is our biggest value. This is very true because many IT services might promise you to do this, but actually don’t. We at eOrchids work the way you expect and stay behind your success. With the custom designed IT solution, we enhance the ability to protect data and lower IT costs. 

Strategy and planning makes us stand ahead from the rest. We at eOrchids, understand your business strategy and maneuver your needs that excels your expectations beyond. Upon enhancing the scalability and functionality of your business, we always ensure to give outstanding business solutions. 

Business progress is what every business owner will be focused on. Our significant ideas, provoking thoughts and business solutions can aid your business to progress and enhance to different heights. Since our venture, we have won respectable accolades in this business till date. We understand the market needs and serve the customers with winning solutions. 

Enhanced IT support will aid you to achieve your business goals. Unexpected downtime can incredibly affect your business, and dealing with it is quite crucial and challenging. Our proficient IT resources are smart enough in managing those uncertainties. Our round the clock assistance and enhanced IT support will eventually help you to remain active and productive on the World Wide Web. 

Musthafa Kamal Hussain, the CEO of eOrchids Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd. has consistently grown in his leadership and has bestowed progressive results since its embark. He is indeed the most responsible and productive CEO that takes care of strategic marketing plans, brand initiatives and technological innovations.  

eOrchids has won incredible awards and recognition for its striking outgrowth! It’s always wonderful to cherish happiness and our hard work was rewarded with the prestigious title “Company of the year 2017. We are here to provide you with enhanced IT support and assistance. Rely us, you will never be disappointed. 

eOrchids are the best and most Trusted IT Partner, as they work beyond your expectations and fulfill your business needs. Without compromising the quality and end results, eOrchidians remain focused to deliver what client needs. We indeed help you to achieve the right IT solutions for your business. 

Right from web development, mobile app development and big data analysis, we provide our extensive range of services to the clients worldwide. Fulfilling the needs and demands of the global market, we have good and tangible business relationship with our clients in Australia, USA and more. No matter, what your prerequisite is, we at eOrchids are here to fulfill your business demands. 

Are you looking for the best IT partner that can nurture your business? Do you really expect to get stupendous IT support that helps you to penetrate into the competitive business market? Explore Here are some striking key features that makes us excel out from the rest: 

  • We have young and professional talents that can expel wonderful results in development, marketing and Next Gen solutions. 
  • We bestow outstanding results, which exceeds the expectation of the clients. Our professionals work round the clock to fulfill your business needs and of course never compromise with the work quality. 
  • We deliver promising results at competitive pricing. Rather bargains, we offer on par services at convincing budgets. This is indeed the thriving factor which has greatly helped us to accomplish the global customers. 

Why choose eOrchids? Well, there are plenty of reasons that will explain why eOrchids is the best and one point destination for your IT business solution. Let’s get into a detailed discussion:

  • eOrchids gave its initial embark as a web designing company and now it has progressed to momentous skylines. With provoking thoughts, innovative ideas and continuous efforts, eOrchids has transformed as the best and leading media tech enterprise. 
  • With the best creative team of professionals, eOrchids remains as the perfect hub for software and media solutions. Right from 3D environment, software development, .net development and animations, eOrchids is the one point destination to accomplish your needs on-time. Hire us, you will never be disappointed. 
  • With an innovative and challenging team, eOrchids can fulfill your business demands excelling ahead of your expectations. We eventually make your business very productive and successful. 

Get a unique business relationship with eOrchids! Having firm business rapport with the kind and down-to-earth personae is really appreciable. You will feel that contentment, when you choose eOrchids for your IT business solutions. Yes, it’s true because Musthafa Kamal – the CEO of eOrchids is not just kind but as well remains very thoughtful to understand the needs and expectation of the clients. Like the CEO, the entire team of eOrchids are very creative and dynamic is bestowing outstanding results. 

What are you still waiting for? Hire us outright for meeting your IT business needs. Navigate through the contact page and reach us anytime, any day. We are here to lend our top-notch services at an affordable budget. Let us know your prerequisites and our professionals will work hand-in-hand to fulfill your expectations and business prospects.

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Dubai paperless
Smart Supplier app

Smart Dubai on A paperless Strategy

The latest Dubai paperless strategy has made a remarkable buzz amidst people across the globe. With the latest advancement in technology, Smart Dubai has introduced a cutting-edge web app entitled ‘Smart Supplier’. With this smart mobile application, suppliers enrolled in GRPS – Government Resource Planning System will be facilitated to access data, bids, contracts and maneuver financial proceedings from more than 50 Dubai Government units. Sounds really interesting, isn’t? Come let’s take a quick look and grab the best information about this wonderful invention…

Being compiled with multiple benefits and characteristic features, this Smart Supplier app remains accessible on both iPhone and Android mobile phones. Suppliers can access the app anytime, anywhere and process the transactions via smartphones effortlessly. It facilitates the users to explore the documents related to bids, manage billing activities and as well pay tender fees. Users don’t need a username and password for viewing the public bids, however they have to log in for placing and accessing the bids. The prime objective of this Smart Dubai’s plans is to accomplish Dubai Paperless Strategy and make the entire government business transactions into paperless operations by the end of the year 2021. The success of this venture will indeed make Dubai – the most divine and happiest smart city on the globe. 

Smart Dubai has introduced a number of initiatives and significant services in order to automate and digitalize the entire Dubai Government Operations. All these venturous innovations and services will aid us promoting our role and help us to accomplish the targets for the UAE’S 50th anniversary – proclaimed by Sheikh Mohammed. He is the Ruler of Dubai and the UAE’s Vice President and PM. As a result, this process will facilitate Dubai’s transformation into a smart city and as well helps in enforcing Dubai Paperless Strategy 2021. 

The advancement of the smart supplier app helps in bringing cutting-edge solutions to the customers and employees. Besides everything, this app reinforces the best business methodologies that helps to accomplish enhanced business market, said H.E. The ease of use platform, efficient business methods together makes this app really wonderful. So, what makes the ‘Smart Supplier’ app really special and significant? Well, here are some additional information that explains detailed information about this app. Come on, let’s take a quick look at the flow-up and examine the qualities of this app: 

  • With this app, users can quickly pay the tender fees in case of notice. 
  • Users can quickly return the invoices to the government units, which indeed saves around 40% of your time. This is really appreciable!
  • With the interactive panel, enrolled users can quickly explore and view their records and statistics, view the work volume being dealt with the government units and other contracts as well. 
  • Suppliers are allowed to apply for delivery notification of the services and products, whereby receive the acknowledgement by means of digitally signed documents.
  • Smart Supplier app facilitates the government units to enroll more suppliers for their accessible services. This can enhance the competition level and standards, and acquire the best services possible. 

Well, with regards to the availability of the ‘Smart Supplier’ app, users don’t have to struggle much in accessing it. Registered users can quickly complete their transactions via smartphones they have in their pockets. The transactions are really going to be effortless, as they can make it anytime, any day and anywhere. So, how are you going to avail this application? That’s going to be really simple… Visit: Apple store if you are an iPhone user and navigate through Google PlayStore if you are an Android user. 

Alright, let’s go through the possible navigation features that smart supplier app offers to its registered suppliers: 

  • Can quickly view documents associated to bids 
  • Can make effortless billing process 
  • Can pay tender fees immediately without any delay
  • Can submit invoice statements to government units in just a couple of click through
  • Can receive signed digital copy for the services and products

The introduction of this app is definitely a welcoming process and of course it can help in achieving Dubai Paperless Strategy. With the many benefits, this Smart Supplier app will aid both the customers and government entities to make paperless operations. 

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Australia Bushfires could be prevented using new technology

Natural calamities are really uncertain. We are all distressed about the recent occurrence of Australian bushfire, isn’t?

Well, the climatic changes has brought unforeseen risks. The huge intensity of fire, quicker transmits and several other reasons has resulted in this life-threatening hazardous incident. It is speculated 30% of flames are purposely lit, just about 1% of individuals who perform fire related crime are indicted for the wrongdoing in Victoria.

Teaming with the fire authorities, CSV – Crime Stoppers Victoria, business communities and local officials helps to empathize and locate fire and its behavior. Moreover it helps to examine on how to prevent fire occurrences over the building capacity.

ARC adopts the best ways to deal With Australia Bushfires

The objective of ARC venture is to expand on the information picked from earlier work with CSV. It is entailed to further team-up offices with three wide coordinated points that will diminish the event of fire related crime. Extensively, this task will plan to confabulate Australia’s ability to react to ecological change. The task will likewise encourage the combination of research results from organic, physical, social and monetary frameworks. It will empower specialists to work together globally and locally with the fire operational segments. Besides everything, it will enable the experimenters to make internal collaboration in order to control and impede bushfires. Well, now let’s go through the process and objectives involved: 

  • Working along with Crime Stoppers Victoria in order to observe the fire report and the respective location. These incorporate hesitance amidst people in general to report because of absence of information, flamed lighting conduct and dangers, reluctant behavior and their suspect activity, deliberating the suspect, court contribution and a verdict that nothing will occur when reported.  This point will be accomplished by giving the proof to state-wide media/network instruction programs aligned on longitudinal proof from seven helpless networks.
  • Make tactic responses by interpreting risk reports, agencies referrals, data handling and coordination associated with bushfire arson. This methodological approach provokes to a progressed model of community identification intending to classify community markers in deploying multiple organizational resources. 

Possibilities to reduce the chances of grassfire and bushfire 

  • You are lawfully required to lessen the danger of fire in and around your property. You must ensure that all grass, weeds are removed thereby keeping your property clean and good.  
  • You can decrease the fire chance around your home by getting out whatever could fuel a fire. 
  • Keeping garden grounds soggy through mulching or other non-combustible ground covers like stones are appreciated. 
  • Constantly clearing leaves from drains, rooftops, downpipes and around the base of trees.
  • Keeping up wet and watered grass is indeed good always. 
  • Putting away combustible or flammable materials, for example, heaps of wood and garbage away from your home.

You can additionally get ready by: 

  • Guaranteeing that your nursery hoses are sufficiently long to arrive at all territories of your property 
  • Ensuring that any fire hydrants close to your house are open and unhindered 
  • Making an individual assurance unit (goggles, gloves, cap, boots and cotton pants and long sleeved shirt) 
  • Putting away wipes and basins together. 
  • You can discover more tips on decreasing your danger of grass fire on the CFA’s Grassfires page.

The three mainstays of managing bushfires 

  • Bushfire executive management contains three boards: planning, response and rescue. 
  • Readiness includes overseeing fuel burdens and vegetation, keeping up access to tracks and fire breaks, arranging fire reaction and guaranteeing adequate human limit and assets to react to most pessimistic scenario situations. 
  • Reaction includes conveying flying machine, fire engines, firefighting work force and recuperation requires social, monetary and institutional help.

Preventing Bushfires with the advent of new technology 

Bushfire in Australia is terribly distressing and has ruined wide areas, predominantly the south. We as a whole realize the impacts Black Saturday had on the individuals of Victoria in 2009 – consequences that are as yet felt even today, seven years on. Soon, Australia is set to face another bushfire episode, whereby the fearless firefighters get themselves geared for a distorting time. The State Government has reported the new guidelines with the point of splitting the danger of power line-touched off bushfires across Victoria. Power lines have recently been accused of starting a portion of the state’s most fatal bushfires.

What is this new innovation? 

Under the new guidelines, power wholesalers should introduce world-first innovation over their systems that stops an electrical flow inside milliseconds of a power line coming into contact with the ground or vegetation – halting a shortcoming before it can light a fire. These indispensable milliseconds can mean the distinction between a sheltered summer, and a staggering one. The Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) innovation was created in Victoria in light of the suggestions of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, expected to make power lines more secure in bushfire chance territories. 

Last testing in Kilmore in October found the REFCL innovation lessens the probability of a bushfire beginning from a high voltage power line shortcoming by ten-times. The innovation has experienced in excess of 2,000 tests with oversight by nearby power organizations and global innovation specialists.

In territories of intense bushfire hazard, Victoria’s five primary power wholesalers – Citipower, Jemena, Powercor, AusNet and United Energy – will likewise be required to dynamically supplant their power lines by protecting the links or covering them underground. 

Clergyman for Energy and Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio, stated: “These new wellbeing benchmarks and world driving innovation will help make Victorian people group more secure from bushfires and increment the unwavering quality of our state’s capacity supply. 

“The need to improve security innovation in our high bushfire chance zones is driven by the deplorability of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. We are focused on doing all that we can to improve security benchmarks over Victoria’s capacity system to help shield Victorians from the danger of bushfires.”

How does the REFCL work? 

The Victorian State Government discharged a far reaching report specifying the advantages of the REFCL. “Tests affirmed REFCLs significantly decreases vitality discharge in ‘wire on ground’ flaws. They quickly lessen flaw current by permitting the voltage on the blamed conductor to crumple when issue current is drawn from the system. This lessens circular segment current, which rushes bend self-eradication. It likewise brings about shorter, straighter bend ‘string’ length which further decreases curve power.

Verizon Media and Gannett collaborated on an intelligent meeting with Democratic presidential applicant Andrew Yang. Utilizing the USA Today or Yahoo News applications, peruses can hear Yang talk about different issues while looking at a 3-D form of the competitor, whose picture is overlaid over the per user’s very own environment. Supplemental charts and statements go with the 3-D picture of Yang. A video rendition of a similar bit of substance can be found on the Yahoo News application. It denoted the first run through the two organizations collaborated on a bit of AR publication content. For Verizon Media, specifically, whose parent organization Verizon is making significant interests in 5G innovation, the push for more AR content that can be fueled by 5G, regardless of whether in news-casting and notices, is an essential target.

“5G will change media creation and utilization,” said Alex Wallace, head supervisor of news, excitement and studios at Verizon Media. “Since AR is on everything, it’s so standard and typical at this point. Individuals use AR in their everyday lives. Vivid and intelligent narrating will be the standard over every single substance type, or if nothing else a noteworthy piece of it.”

Why Andrew Yang? Indeed, he was the first to consent to do it, which bodes well. USA Today and Yahoo welcomed all applicants who went to the current year’s Iowa State Fair to partake.

In Verizon 5G Studio in-house brands like HuffPost, Yahoo and TechCrunch, could chip away at growing new 5G-controlled story groups and the studio is banding together with different distributors to utilize the innovation.

Not at all like VR, which requires extra gear to see, going from moderately modest watchers to expensive headsets, AR just requires a cell phone for crowds to get to. “I need this to be low-contact, cutting edge narrating,” Wallace said. “It doesn’t take exceptional hardware. We are working out these AR groups we can impart to our accomplices and we need to democratize the up and coming age of narrating. We don’t need individuals to need to enlist 50 individuals to have an AR group.”

Furthermore, for distributors like USA Today, which had recently put intensely in VR, the progress from AR to VR has been empowering and not so costly as you might suspect, said Ray Soto, USA Today’s chief of developing innovation, “We’re extremely blessed that the expense is incredibly, sensible,” he said. The time put resources into various pieces, he stated, changes, however relies upon each kind of story. While a few stories can be delivered inside the range of eight hours, others may take months. “It’s in a distributor’s enthusiasm to get into this now in light of the fact that there are far more assets accessible to them now.”

Verizon, as far as it matters for its, isn’t restricting its AR tests to its media brands. Subsequent to exhibiting AR in Yahoo Mail, it’s additionally made interests in AR with new vivid promotion groups; most as of late, it joined forces with retailer Macy’s on new AR advertisements. 

A month ago, Verizon likewise reported an organization with Snapchat in which Snapchat, a pioneer in AR advancements, will create AR positions like Land markers and Portals for Verizon, displaying its 5G innovation.

Experience ideologies of US presidential election candidate Andrew Yang with AR

USA TODAY has discharged an expanded reality (AR) experience in front of the 2020 political race , highlighting Presidential competitor Andrew Yang. The AR intuitive made by USA TODAY’s rising tech group is a rendering of Andrew Yang that fills in as an encounter for a one of a kind possibility for clients to become acquainted with the up-and-comer very close, as he shares his musings on an assortment of issues. USA TODAY includes been a pioneer inside the developing innovation space, and this undertaking marks the eleventh AR venture the group has discharged for the current year.

“Rising innovation is a progressive methods for narrating, and pair with our outstanding article group, we have had the option to make various staggering interactive with our reporting,” said Ray Soto, Director of Emerging Technology, USA TODAY. “With the expansion of this intelligent piece with Andrew Yang, we are proceeding to feature our commitment to devotion to investigating new tech-driven account openings that push limits and energize our crowd.”

The AR experience is accessible in the most recent adaptation of the USA TODAY application for the two iOS and Android gadgets within the Augmented Reality segment and was created in organization with Yahoo! If it’s not too much trouble note USA TODAY welcomed every one of the 2020 competitors at the Iowa State Fair to take part.

Andrew Yang perspectives on Economical issues explained through AR

Yahoo News and USA Today headed out to the Iowa State Fair in August to catch augmented reality interviews with the Democratic up-and-comers. Here, Andrew Yang shares his perspectives on key issues.

A 44 year old former technology executive Andrew Yang, wants to provide every American with a “Universal basic income”. Will his dream come true? Does the technology helps is finding a triumphant competitor, or, one, who may be eager to get going, to have any kind of effect, to improve things for the country, and the residents? The emerging technology indeed will make a revolution and of course excite the audience with no compromise.