Let’s admit it we are into an era of digital age from where there is no turning back. We are under biggest influences of today’s hi-tech technologies. Automation sector has geared up vigorously from a past decade. Automation or automatic control is the use of various equipment control system such as large machineries setup in factories, aircraft, automobile sector, arms and ammunitions, telecommunication sector and more. Automation adds perfection with minimal efforts of human intervention and have a complete impeccable task with A Grade output.

To calculate the advantages of automation one can count on:

* Increased quality, consistency of the quality of the product.

* Reducing the cycle time of the productivity and maintaining the time period.

* Decreasing the human labor and increasing the accuracy.

* Adding machine in areas where monotonous work is done.

* Replacing humans by machines in tasks done in dangerous environments.

* Reducing the wastage and increasing the efficiency.

* Apart from this, it helps in reducing the electricity cost, saving material cost and wastage and improving the accuracy with the output.

With its less disadvantages the automation sector has thousands of advantages, which if used wisely and effectively can yield various levels of opportunities for human kind in future. These opportunities may help in taking up all the unpleasant laborious tasks in all forms. And there are various opportunities for future automation technologies to build a social and economic growth in which humans can take pleasure of high standard of living and enjoy life in a better manner.

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