AUSTRALIANS will consider it difficult to illicitly download free music and films due to the interruption of government’s war on copyright infringement that acclaims as “game-evolving”.

Download websites including 123,, and as well are out of use already, as they have been blocked abiding to the present laws however Mitch Fifield – Communications Minister is promoting for intense new powers in order to stop extensive websites and as well ban new websites that keeps popping up. 

As per the projected laws to be preceded, authentic force will likewise have the option to drive web crawlers such as Google to stop shameless crime by evolving pirate websites which lets the network addicts to access and download movies and music illegitimately.  

Graham Burke, CEO of Australian film organization Village Roadshow, acclaimed new laws which could be the game changing to the business while condemning Google for being as abhorrent source in online conduct. 

We are geared to give our fullest cooperation with Google, the renowned search engine. We have seen great Google and awful Google. Be that as it may, awful Google stays as insidious as Big Tobacco was 30 years back. They completely understand what they do and even realize that they encourage and reinforce cybercrime and it’s the ideal opportunity to declutter this misbehave,” he disclosed to News Corp.

Also, he blamed Google for “unashamedly encouraging cybercrime” by taking individuals to criminal piracy websites. 

For instance, when a user enters Mad Max Fury … that is all it requires to type, whereby the auto complete would come up with an option stating ‘Distraught Max Fury Road Download Free’ and quickly direct you towards the pirated webpage. 

“This new enactment which comes into the limelight tomorrow entails that Australia will hold back some munitions from the government, so we could battle to live out.  

Right now, laws presented in 2015 permit copyright proprietors to look for a Federal Court request to impede pirated sites. 

News measures has been set which would extend and unfold the present laws and aid the musicians, film producers and several copywriters to look for court orders which could drive the search engine crawlers like Yahoo, Google and other providers including iiNet demote, to remove or expunge or block those pirated search results. 

Taking all such essential actions will also block the mirror pages that are very renowned for its accessibility. Though the government takes essential action on online piracy, Google – the most renowned search engine leads its visitors giving a feasible navigation to the piracy websites without showing respect to the Australian law. This profoundly troubles and creates worst impact to the Australian Creative economy and lifestyle, said Burke. 

As a reply, a representative from Google stated that: Google never encourages online piracy and has been taking serious measures to combat against copyright infringement. Most importantly, we invest several millions of dollars in systems and tools which help us combat online piracy. 

Accessing pirated sites is cyber-theft! Either streaming or downloading any pirate music or movies or any television shows is quite alike pilfering DVD from a store, says Minister Fifield. The government is with no tolerance and takes necessary actions for online piracy. It results with negative impacts, where the local creators and creative economy get offended. It’s our liability to protect and save the Australia’s Creative Industry – the Minister explains.  

The latest Copyright Amendment Bill 2018 is geared to determine and influence copyright holders. This indeed not just allows to block the pirated sites but as well drives the web crawlers such as Bing and Google to eliminate its existence in the search results. The infringing websites will stay away from showing up! 

The recent amendments in laws will facilitate the Australian rights holders to control and impede the distribution of piracy source – that’s really overwhelming and appreciable. The importance of copyrights is valued and the Australian creative industry will incur its benefits for the hard work bestowed. 

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Technology transformations are inevitable and disruptive across all the industries, and the real estate industry is no exception. Real estate sector is a vital indicator of infrastructure and development. The role of technology in real estate has helped in solving problems in every pipeline of the real estate division, spearheaded faster development. with increased efficiency and effectiveness over a few decades.

Architectural Design

2D & 3D Design

The real estate industry started with the traditional 2D sketch plans in paper format. Drawing, editing and managing these charts were complicated. The real estate customers had a hard time visualizing these designs and did not know how the plan is going to be developed as a project. The computer-aided design(CAD) softwares have made the task of design a breeze. An architect can provide architectural dimensions in this software and render the output in image formats or video formats. These outputs can be used for presenting the clients and customers are no longer feeling lost with the design. Some of the software used for architectural rendering are AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, Revit, etc. These softwares are capable of developing 3D objects based on the 2D drawings.

Some of the real estate companies prefer to

Develop their design software
• Outsource these design and visualization to other companies

These designs are available online, and customers can view them from their mobile/computers. The process reduces the approval time and has greater customer satisfaction.

Sales and marketing

Digital marketing
Customers are no longer interested in physically visiting real estate service provider and looking for best-suited projects. The real estate companies are investing high in digital marketing to find leads and customers. They collaborate with reputed digital marketing companies for getting qualified sales leads.

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Chatbots are efficient interaction points with a potential prospect or customer. When a lead is visiting a real estate providers website, a chatbot can ask to handle straightforward queries that a customer may request. It also can provide standard information on projects, images, and videos without any human interference. The ability of the chatbots to work 24 * 7 * 365 and assist prospects to fill in contact forms, get in touch with a sales agent or schedule a visit helps in reducing the overhead cost of sales and marketing team.

The qualified leads are followed up with various surveys to recommend best suited real estate projects. These surveys help in reducing discussion and approval time. The companies can do better customer segmentation and hence build an efficient sales and prospects pipeline. The surveys tool can be automated to send a survey at the required time frame.

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Virtual reality and Augmented Reality

Some softwares are capable of producing direct outputs to other virtual & augmented reality platforms and tools. Both VR & AR provides the potential to visualize a property/apartment even before completion. VR can view the interior, exterior and floorplan of the property, alter the layout and furniture placement, etc. Custom softwares can auto render the design to 3D outputs which can be accessed by the customers instantly. AR & VR allows the developers to sell projects/apartments even before project completion. These features are a boon to customers who cannot be physically present or looking for investment across geographies.

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Plot and Impact analysis
Architects use specialized AR gears to collect data of the plot(height, depth, width, etc.) to plan their procurement. This data is also used to assess the impact of the surrounding on the building, both society and environmentally.

Team Co-ordination
A real estate project involves co-ordinated work between various teams. It is critical to ensure that procurements are done promptly to complete project on time. With conventional co-ordination approach, if there is a change in plan design, it takes a considerable amount of time to manually change the procurement list. Technology has eased this task with softwares that are capable of updating the procurement list instantly and help in co-ordinating task across various teams in real time between the groups and stakeholders, track the progress, costing, scheduling and payment.

These softwares are capable of reducing

The coordination burden
• Minimizing order change

Moreover, once the project gets completed, the change data can be used by facilities management companies to track in the future.


Modular construction 
Real estate projects often involve problems due to weather, construction time, material wastage and safety hazards. These problems can be eliminated by a module based approach where prefabricated materials are constructed in another location(off-site). Later, these materials are transported to the site and assembled.

Modular construction helps in

Better design
• compact & safer construction
• lesser material wastage, 
• disassembly
• Material reuse

3D printing
The usage of robotics with 3D printing technology is increasingly popular for on-site construction. 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing where three-dimensional shapes are constructed with material layering. These materials are layered with assistance from Computer-aided design softwares. Variety of materials such as cement or liquid are used and can be printed in multiple colors too. In combination with dissolvable materials can aid subtraction of materials which reduces cost, labor, and wastage.

Robotic arms may be used in the construction industry in the future to lay bricks leading to quicker turnaround time with higher precision.


Drone and UAVs
Construction progress is monitored using drones and UAV(Unmanned Airborne vehicles) in realtime and accurate data is captured by photos and videos right from the starting phase to completion phase.

The captured data is

Communicated across all the stakeholders
• Helps in real-time decision making

thereby increasing the overall efficiency during the construction phase.

Asset Management

Property Managemet software

Management of assets can be done using property management softwares. They are used to track and monitor the

Performance of the building equipment
• Manage daily tasks carried out by maintenance teams
• Record downtime. 
• Rent cycles
• Vacancy cycles

Hence, these PMS softwares helps in the better and efficient process

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Robots are used to automate mundane daily activities like cleaning homes and other common building areas. These robots can be controlled from anywhere by changing its direction with the help of a mobile app.

Facility Management

Smart devices
High energy consumption and weak security concerns are a significant area of focus across real estate companies world over. The power to integrate

Smart energy meter
• Smart lights
• Smart thermostats
• Smart appliances
• Smart security system 

to single source control has solved a wide variety of problem for real estate companies. The smart devices can control the energy consumption and manage the facilities of real estate properties distributed wide across the globe from a single point. They are also capable of picking up the energy usage pattern and execute on a daily basis. The smart devices enable the real estate companies to predict the future energy usage and plan accordingly.

The increasing use of technology has proven great benefits to the real estate industry.

Cybercrime – “the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world.”   

Ginni Rometty, President & CEO – IBM

Internet users are growing day by day. Based on the latest statistics, it is estimated that 55.1% of the world population is using the internet currently. The question which arises is whether the users are aware of the risks involved in the usage of the internet? We have to understand the risks to safeguard and secure our personal or professional lives. But, what can be the risks of using the internet which we will be looking at later. Before that, it is essential to know about the evolution of cybercrimes.

History of cybercrime

It dates back to the early 1970s when computerized phones were starting to enter the market. Few Tech-savvy people started manipulating the devices to steal long distance phone calls. That was the time when people realized that computer technology was likely to be targeted for criminal activities. With the arrival of advanced yet complex systems, the vulnerability to attack also increased. Cybercrime has to be taken care effectively in the years to come. It is quintessential to know about various aspects of cybercrime like

• What is cybercrime
• Classification of cybercrime
• What are the reasons behind cybercrimes.
• Who are the victims
• What are the losses faced

which we are going to see in a minute.

What is cybercrime?

When a crime is likely to take place online through

• the internet or 
• related technology, can be called as a cybercrime. These are specialized crimes committed by targeting any computer devices or connected networks.

Classification of cybercrime

Cybercrimes can be majorly classified into two categories

• A Direct attack on a Target device or a network
• Target a human using a device or a network as a tool

 We can have a look at some of the most common cybercrime activities carried out like

Referred to as Denial of Service attack – The motive of the DDoS attack is to bombard and take down a network. DDoS attacks are carried out by specialized malware, which is spread to many vulnerable computers through

• websites
• email attachments
• through an organizations network.

When legitimate users are tricked to install malware contents, this malware converts the user’s computers as bots. The attacker begins to communicate with these bots and form a botnet(a network of bots). These botnets are controlled by the attacker and instructed to attack a target and bring the network down.

What is required to create a Botnet?

Conducting a large scale DDoS attack is not a difficult task as it sounds. There are various pay-for-hire DDoS services available which can cost from $5 to $200 per hour. By using those services, anyone can launch a powerful DDoS attack. An average DDoS attack duration is about 24 hours.

Why are DDoS attacks done?

The motivations behind the DDoS attack is financially driven.

It can be done to

• Cripple a business competitor
• Political Rivalry
• Or Even for fun

The impact created by such attacks can be substantially high like

• Reputation damages
• Financial losses
• Customer Agitation
• Legal consequences

If you want to protect your business from such DDoS attacks, specialized companies such as e-Orchids can help you out in consulting and suggesting various security measures.

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Identity Theft

 An attacker will gather a person’s personal information through

• Phishing emails
• Social media
• Hacking

The phishing email is a technique where hackers trick the users with an email by claiming the need to change their password or update their billing information. Sometimes they also send malicious email attachments or URLs to users and gain control access to personal accounts or computer. After gaining access to a persons account they can

• Steal the financial funds & properties of the person
• Gain confidential information for threatening
• Participate in tax frauds
• Claim government benefits
• Plan a criminal activity using the person’s identity

The repercussions of the attack may be huge if the attacker is doing a criminal activity using the person name.


The cyberstalk attacker usually may personally know the victim, unlike the previous cases. Cyberstalkers have a motive of instilling fear and subdue a person through excessive.

• Online messages 
• Emails

They use the below as a medium.

• Websites
• Social media
• Search engines

Impact of cybercrime

Cybercrime has posed a significant threat to everyone using the internet. Millions of users’ information are stolen within the past few years. It has also made a major dent in many nations’ economies. Cyber attacks have put a vast number of individuals, companies or government agencies to be a victim of cybercrime. The current scenario of raising cybercrimes indicates that data breaches have become a new norm.

• Various malicious intent activities result in 48% of data security breaches
• A single breach may amount to a $4 million loss to a company. 
• By 2021, the cost incurred by cybercrime may top over to $6 trillion

Handling the security of private data by the world’s top businesses have become a top-most priority. As per a statistics,

• Cybersecurity Ventures expects ransomware costs to rise to $11.5 billion in 2019.
• In 2019, ransomware costs are supposed to be around $11.5 billion.

Based on the above data we can conclude that companies are investing a tremendous amount of money in cybersecurity.

Security Measures

It is essential for all the internet users to be aware and informed regarding the susceptibility to cybercrime. Educating oneself and others to put security measures in place and safeguard yourself is the utmost priority. Some of the measures to ensure cyber security are

• VPN can be used, whenever possible
• While entering credentials, make sure that the websites are safe & secure. 
• Do not click on links or ads that are unfamiliar. 
• Suspicious emails should be flagged and reported. 
• Using passwords that are 14+ characters with a mix of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. 
• Update latest antivirus software in your systems
• Hire certified Ethical hackers & cybersecurity professionals to your company
• Ensure periodic penetration audits are conducted for software and networks used by your company
• Cyber Audit gaps must be given high priority and be closed as soon as possible.

What a beautiful world man has created. Full of technologies and what not things invented by man for his easy life. With all the hi-tech words and life, there still remains a corner in this world which is still untouched with technology. To promote the awareness about the technologies, many nonprofit or non-governmental charitable trusts and groups work in this area.

Basic information to provide them is education: Educating about the new technologies and getting up-to-date is important. One laptop per child, netbooks, tablets and inexpensive laptops help individual child to launch the creativity within without hesitation. These One Laptop Per Child is durable, carry good battery backup, inexpensive and of course very handy. This brings poverty stricken children to understand and implement the technology sitting anywhere in the world. Know how the technology is affecting us:

1. Alternative payment options: With the developing technologies alternative payment options are available like Google Pay, PayPal, ApplePay etc are a mode to show the wide monetary acceptance. It’s not just being digital but it’s more importantly being handy, quick and also easy to do.

2. Mobile Applications: Apart from alternative payment options, mobile applications are available to ensure the direct end-to-end network. Applications are available where you can get a direct access instead of opening website and login into account and then proceeding with the matter.

3. Social media – Digital marketing: different campaigns are run for translating the issues into real world. What can be the best way else than Social media to fulfill this issue. Lightful and WorkMobile work for charitable cause. Forums on charity and blogs help to communicate and expand the charity socially and globally.

4. Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality also plays a vital role in charities, varying from sorting and processing of the data to uploading and publishing all the videos for demonstrating, listening, hearing and understanding the videos live.

5. Artificial Intelligence: with the growing technology, Artificial Intelligence has taken place an important role in AI assistance and chatbots. From responding to streamlining the data and resource, AI is helping out humans without their involvement.

There is an urgent need of faster, cheaper and better technologies. With the new technologies come the usage of the internet and battery backup. Income generation and the technologies which support a minimal fund to carry on the process of education are required in a wider sense and thus have become an integral part of this sector. The main hurdle is funding the charity groups to get proper required technology and digital skills. This can’t be achieved in a restricted fund. The strategies and the funds go simultaneously.

With the internet presence one can draw attention to their sector via any reliable IT network and internet connection. With this managed technology one can trust this sector for its working and reliable technology support. Now-a-days technology is widely spread with regular backups and training skill development. After a regular access to the information, one can keep a record and access it anytime. With these small hurdles still we are able to transform the charity sector.

What science could be without imagination, everything in science depends on the thought of ‘What if’. With these technologies we can save lives and time. Although, we have made huge impact in science and technology but still when it comes to nature we are still a human with nothing in our hand.

In an emergency, the technologies which we have positively impacts on how people think and get prepare for a natural disaster and overcome with the consequences.

Technologies that impact emergency management:

Internet and social media– now-a-days people communicate publically. Few agencies test the social media to reach individual by Stimulation deck. With this they reach out the public through social media like Facebook, Twitter blogs and websites also and provide timely updates. This deck doesn’t require any special software but works on any platform or device connected to internet. It is not been on the market but is used by U.S. Army and Military intelligence. Internet of things work on a physical network with sensors and software that collect information and relates it to emergency management. It communicates with different departments and physical environments. It provides a quick response during any emergency like floods, hurricanes etc.

Intellistreets –this system was invented in response to chaos at street level during 9/11. It detects the evacuation route and helps citizens to leave the area safely and find alternate safe route. Further it can be used in any emergency alert, vehicle detection, digital signage and hazardous environment alerts. The responders can get an alert when an environmental factor triggers the system. The government representatives can take action against the situation and detect the depth of the severity.

iDAWG and Blockchain – in any emergency scenario the communication is necessary to boost and overcome the situation. iDAWG is Intelligent Deployable Augmented Wireless Gateway which gives a new edge to communication. It helps in connecting and communication on a cognitive radio – based unit. It is designed to capture and share multiple wireless transmissions. With this, blockchain was also adopted universally. It is similar to internet and allows multiple people to connect and coordinate resources for disaster relief.

With all mentioned technologies we still have to work more to overcome after disaster affects and fix quickly and get back to normal soonest possible.

In this era, where Technology is booming, we humans still can’t fix the outcome of disasters or even get prepared to save people from disasters. We in a hi-tech world of social media, real time data and so called technology in hand, fail to save people from disasters.

We have all the new techniques to know about any disaster in this world. Scientists are using seismic sensor array for monitoring an avalanche start zone, barometer, seismograph, GIS systems advance, etc., to predict and warn about the disaster and provide perfect aid on time.

Aerial Robotics including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones help in humanitarian aid. It helps in providing awareness about the situation and delivers the help quickly.

Another technology, Mobile Vulnerability analysis and mapping (mVAM) is used for manual data collection and survey so that the help regarding food and technology can be sent accordingly.

Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) works on cloud-controlled Meraki technology, establishes connectivity when disaster strikes and works faster than the government or local infrastructure. This helps in assisting with network issues in havoc conditions.

With the help of Big Data Analytics, disaster responses are enhanced by a new era of intelligence. A huge count of data is created at the time of disaster such as personal and medical data, geolocation and mapping, tracking of survivors, and more. But the challenge is managing the data when effectively deployed. It gives access to crucial information on which to act upon, prioritize and optimize response efforts by means of crowdsourcing and various ways of situation awareness.

Disaster brings about physical, emotional and mental destruction of individual and also vanishes the infrastructure of that area. When in an emergency for disaster relief, aid provided to them includes basic food, drinking water, safe shelter and real-time disaster modeling to check on disaster in a futuristic approach. Along with this, this was the first time when new relief effort was made to provide solar lanterns and charged mobile handsets in Iraq. This solution of communication made a major impact but without mobile network coverage it wouldn’t have been possible. With this problem, the solution was introduced, mesh networking, mobile network created by mobile users. Dozens of technological programs were introduced to send relief.

During disasters, advancements in technology shift our world to put efforts to help, save and provide relief towards others in need. Although, technology is pushing humans to cause a positive impact on the world, but during disasters and havoc conditions we all unite as humans and try to help one in need. This is a great way to spread the important message of humanity. Without these developments we can’t make great positive impact on lives.

The world is changing swiftly with technology and advancements in science. Every phase it is bringing a steep transition from Internet to Internet Of Things that is overcome without any hurdles. With technology, machine learning and internet of things is coming up.

IOT is a system that stores all the data required by human being without directly collecting it. IOT is a set of physical devices that connect together for enhancing the performance of the entire internet connected device. IOT products, monitoring IOT devices and IOT device platforms are used.

Hurdles in IOT


Internet connectivity is one of the major hurdles. Developed countries or developing countries, all are facing the internet accessibility problems, speed and connectivity issues.

Storage and Safety

IOT requires a lot of data sharing between the connected devices. Cloud storage enhances the internet availability but we have still not achieved those standards. With this comes the point of security and safety of the data. Data theft is pressing a major nerve of IOT. For this data and signal surge protection has also started to rectify the loop holes.


Another pinching issue is user privacy. By hacking and security breach, the privacy is violated. Even with the increased use of internet we have a major percentage of people who are majorly not satisfied with the lack of the proper privacy.

Understanding IOT

Speedy growth had made less understanding of IOT among individuals. In most of the countries IOT can’t be implemented. They are facing some major distress issues that hinder their focus for technology. There is lack of awareness which lowers IOT consumer awareness percentage all over.

Cloud attacks and Financial Damage

Even the significant expenses are considered a major hurdle. Companies are still working on this area to reduce the cost of it and make it economical for all. Due to Cybercrime, the annual economic cost of the financial damage is more than the cost of the working.

However, with the drawbacks of the IOT, we still have new solutions to the problems, as in technology problems and solutions are hand-in-hand. Soon, the day would come when the technology would take a leap and IOT will overcome the hurdles.

With the rise in the technology demonstrating machines and software world we developed an exotic era of mimicking the human brain functions with that of artificial intelligence. Medically proving the excellence of technology in the clinical world, medical science and researches we have entered a new electronic real time relevant AIs. With the ending decade we will be able to detect chronic conditions of sever diseases and ailments. With excellent outcomes with reasonable costs of the treatment and also elimination of the disease will be done. Innovative and automated patient guidance and observations will be done. Capturing the directly observed therapy we will be able to provide advancement and solutions.

Along with the artificial intelligence we have already stepped into immunotherapy. This helps in judging immune system irrespective of the tumor and cancer stages. With the mix of AIs and immunotherapies we are able to build a machine learning and image sensing pattern recognizing digital world. With 3D ultrasound image sensing capability helps in identification of the cloud service.

Apart from AIs and immunotherapies, liquid biopsy have also stepped in to identifying potential tumors cells. Liquid biopsy helps in extracting cancer cells from a simple blood cells and monitoring the cancer cells. Today repeatedly biopsy is done to check the changes in the tumor cells which affect the patient hugely. With liquid biopsy it will be more effective and easy to take care of the analysis and changes. Much likely it is not painful and invasive like tissue biopsy. This will take a leap in the biotechnology and medicine science world.

Genetics and biosciences coming into play with a global change in the development. R&D section played a vital role in analyzing the good traits and the bad ones to do the advanced research in agricultural section. New seeds with modified critical traits in crops and animals have helps in getting good quality of crops with outstanding nutrient quotients, and this development will carry on till the perfect genes are not achieved. Gene editing has helped in attaining better traits of the crops with capability to stand out against pests, outstanding nutrient quality and fight against climatic calamities. Genome editing has become a promising market for research and development in past few years and will be the best at the end of the decade.

With all new healthcare and science, organ transplant and repair will also be a game changer for tissue imprinting, liver, kidney, heart transplant, ears, hand eyes, orthopedic and dental implants and more to add on to the list. Surgical grafting repair and replacement of the damaged tissue and organs are vital now-a-days. With all these bioscience technologies we are able to build the era of immortality. Getting rectified all sort of health problems, these five technologies are going to play a vital role.

Humanized big data is a technology that collects and analyzes the data. There is a continuous quantitative foundation of data and information is presented in such a way that even the layman can also understand. Humanizing big data is something that can’t be fully automated. For handling the entire task over a machine human element is very much needed, this needs a high degree of visualization of the data as some point we all need human involvement.

Humanizing big data makes the data available for analysts who operate a business. This is easily accessible and is highly accurate this makes the big data natural and ready to use. Moreover, it also helps in painting a visualization of the data in front of the users. Humanized data is related to artificial intelligence, we all are into finding more just by sitting. Also, humanization of the data will boost the business, artificial intelligence will help in building a business, but yes interaction of the human can never be eliminated as if Human is the one who created it and we need to interact for the betterment of the logical data.

Although, this trend successfully boost the data integration is also controversial as we do have people who want fully automated data integration and also people are there who are in favour of human involvement with big data integration. All we need is to explore the boundaries and then see how Big Data enlightens the physical world.

Where is the world headed? So quick, so instant that we all are satisfied with everything, from entertainment to groceries everything is so instant. One can self-check the long waiting line for visiting doctor, now all is on the internet no need to kill time waiting in a queue. This era is very adaptive; we all adapt to new technologies and are prone to get everything on demand on a plate ASAP. All thanks to various information technology brands that help in building a secure network for fulfilling the demands. We enjoy every bit of comfort which we can get by sitting in our own couch and getting the tasks done in a tap on the smartphone or laptop.

As our appetite for instantaneous services had no limit, technology had taken a hold on every sector, in our daily lives, we all are in a technological transformation phase where everything is quickly available where goods, services, social media, common media, transportation, groceries store online and more to add on the list, is available instantly and this process is getting quicker and quicker day by day. Immediate access and automated tasks saves our time. There is no full stop to ‘on demand’ lifestyle, and neither going to slow down nor we are going to stop ourselves from using on demand services.

The question arises why is this all happening? It’s simply because we all are in a digital era and a hi-tech world in which without doing anything we can get the comfort and satisfaction, why would take a lengthy and cumbersome process to do the same task when information technology has made the life easy and developed.