What science could be without imagination, everything in science depends on the thought of ‘What if’. With these technologies we can save lives and time. Although, we have made huge impact in science and technology but still when it comes to nature we are still a human with nothing in our hand.

In an emergency, the technologies which we have positively impacts on how people think and get prepare for a natural disaster and overcome with the consequences.

Technologies that impact emergency management:

Internet and social media– now-a-days people communicate publically. Few agencies test the social media to reach individual by Stimulation deck. With this they reach out the public through social media like Facebook, Twitter blogs and websites also and provide timely updates. This deck doesn’t require any special software but works on any platform or device connected to internet. It is not been on the market but is used by U.S. Army and Military intelligence. Internet of things work on a physical network with sensors and software that collect information and relates it to emergency management. It communicates with different departments and physical environments. It provides a quick response during any emergency like floods, hurricanes etc.

Intellistreets –this system was invented in response to chaos at street level during 9/11. It detects the evacuation route and helps citizens to leave the area safely and find alternate safe route. Further it can be used in any emergency alert, vehicle detection, digital signage and hazardous environment alerts. The responders can get an alert when an environmental factor triggers the system. The government representatives can take action against the situation and detect the depth of the severity.

iDAWG and Blockchain – in any emergency scenario the communication is necessary to boost and overcome the situation. iDAWG is Intelligent Deployable Augmented Wireless Gateway which gives a new edge to communication. It helps in connecting and communication on a cognitive radio – based unit. It is designed to capture and share multiple wireless transmissions. With this, blockchain was also adopted universally. It is similar to internet and allows multiple people to connect and coordinate resources for disaster relief.

With all mentioned technologies we still have to work more to overcome after disaster affects and fix quickly and get back to normal soonest possible.

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