Where is the world headed? So quick, so instant that we all are satisfied with everything, from entertainment to groceries everything is so instant. One can self-check the long waiting line for visiting doctor, now all is on the internet no need to kill time waiting in a queue. This era is very adaptive; we all adapt to new technologies and are prone to get everything on demand on a plate ASAP. All thanks to various information technology brands that help in building a secure network for fulfilling the demands. We enjoy every bit of comfort which we can get by sitting in our own couch and getting the tasks done in a tap on the smartphone or laptop.

As our appetite for instantaneous services had no limit, technology had taken a hold on every sector, in our daily lives, we all are in a technological transformation phase where everything is quickly available where goods, services, social media, common media, transportation, groceries store online and more to add on the list, is available instantly and this process is getting quicker and quicker day by day. Immediate access and automated tasks saves our time. There is no full stop to ‘on demand’ lifestyle, and neither going to slow down nor we are going to stop ourselves from using on demand services.

The question arises why is this all happening? It’s simply because we all are in a digital era and a hi-tech world in which without doing anything we can get the comfort and satisfaction, why would take a lengthy and cumbersome process to do the same task when information technology has made the life easy and developed.

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