Humanized big data is a technology that collects and analyzes the data. There is a continuous quantitative foundation of data and information is presented in such a way that even the layman can also understand. Humanizing big data is something that can’t be fully automated. For handling the entire task over a machine human element is very much needed, this needs a high degree of visualization of the data as some point we all need human involvement.

Humanizing big data makes the data available for analysts who operate a business. This is easily accessible and is highly accurate this makes the big data natural and ready to use. Moreover, it also helps in painting a visualization of the data in front of the users. Humanized data is related to artificial intelligence, we all are into finding more just by sitting. Also, humanization of the data will boost the business, artificial intelligence will help in building a business, but yes interaction of the human can never be eliminated as if Human is the one who created it and we need to interact for the betterment of the logical data.

Although, this trend successfully boost the data integration is also controversial as we do have people who want fully automated data integration and also people are there who are in favour of human involvement with big data integration. All we need is to explore the boundaries and then see how Big Data enlightens the physical world.

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