The digital world is invading our physical world. Our appetite for instant responses has no boundary, by next decade our digital world will merge in the physical world. Fundamentally, we spend more time on digital devices, starting from kitchen hi-tech appliances till LED televisions, mobile phones to 4-G smartphones everything is now getting on a finger tap.

Mobile devices have added a new technology in our daily life. There is an increase in growth of the online business providing ‘N’ number of services. In simpler terms, digital integration by the internet has made this possible. Internet had acted as a catalyst as now one can sit far across the sea and do the business with speedy delivery services on every corner of the world. Not even a decade back, online shopping was not considered trustworthy and hesitation to avail the service was common. People had the notion that, the company will hack the card from which they are making payment or deliver the rough goods. Later, gradually things changed and people started trusting the internet and now the internet has come up like a storm. People find it easy to get the service within the desired cost and also with appropriate satisfaction.

After many challenges and hiccups finally we are trending towards a new world of digital era where the on-demand economy will reshape the commerce.

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