The world is changing swiftly with technology and advancements in science. Every phase it is bringing a steep transition from Internet to Internet Of Things that is overcome without any hurdles. With technology, machine learning and internet of things is coming up.

IOT is a system that stores all the data required by human being without directly collecting it. IOT is a set of physical devices that connect together for enhancing the performance of the entire internet connected device. IOT products, monitoring IOT devices and IOT device platforms are used.

Hurdles in IOT


Internet connectivity is one of the major hurdles. Developed countries or developing countries, all are facing the internet accessibility problems, speed and connectivity issues.

Storage and Safety

IOT requires a lot of data sharing between the connected devices. Cloud storage enhances the internet availability but we have still not achieved those standards. With this comes the point of security and safety of the data. Data theft is pressing a major nerve of IOT. For this data and signal surge protection has also started to rectify the loop holes.


Another pinching issue is user privacy. By hacking and security breach, the privacy is violated. Even with the increased use of internet we have a major percentage of people who are majorly not satisfied with the lack of the proper privacy.

Understanding IOT

Speedy growth had made less understanding of IOT among individuals. In most of the countries IOT can’t be implemented. They are facing some major distress issues that hinder their focus for technology. There is lack of awareness which lowers IOT consumer awareness percentage all over.

Cloud attacks and Financial Damage

Even the significant expenses are considered a major hurdle. Companies are still working on this area to reduce the cost of it and make it economical for all. Due to Cybercrime, the annual economic cost of the financial damage is more than the cost of the working.

However, with the drawbacks of the IOT, we still have new solutions to the problems, as in technology problems and solutions are hand-in-hand. Soon, the day would come when the technology would take a leap and IOT will overcome the hurdles.

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