Are you looking to expand your business or increase your sales?

Do you have a running digital marketing campaign?
If you answered in affirmation to the first question and denied the second, you are awaiting tough times ahead.
No business in any corner of the world can think of prospering without having an online presence.

Concept of Digital Marketing

The concept of marketing as once was transformed immensely. No more is marketing confined to traditional media channels like print or television. The digital medium has overtaken everything in the world and marketing has been revolutionized by this too.
Digital Marketing is the new in-thing in the world of marketing and no business looking for expansion and acknowledgment can achieve the same without bringing the business to the digital platform.

Just to make you understand the impact of social media and digital platforms, our digital marketing experts have come up with a few figures for you:

Number of people worldwide using the internet – 7.7 billion
Number of people on some form of social media worldwide – 3.78 billion
Number of people checking social media regularly – 84% of US population
Number of people claiming to have made an online purchase – 2.14 billion
Global e-commerce sales projected for 2021 – $4.89 trillion
Number of hours people spend on social media per day – 2 hours
Number of hours Gen X spends on social media per day – 9 hours
Percentage of people purchasing online due to an ad on Facebook – 48%

With coronavirus hitting the world, shopping trends of people worldwide have changed. Statistics show that people buying groceries online have doubled in percentage compared to pre-coronavirus pandemic times.
In such a scenario, having an online presence is of utmost importance. The above figures demonstrate that for any marketing strategy to be successful, digital marketing cannot be overlooked.

10 reasons to opt for Digital Marketing
If we still do not have you convinced about the importance of a digital marketing strategy for your business, scroll down below and read ten reasons why digital marketing is more effective:

1) Whopping ROI

Digital Marketing experts are of the view that no other marketing campaign matches the ROI as given by a Digital marketing campaign.

On average, every $1 spent on digital marketing can reap you an ROI of $44. That amounts to a 4400 percent ROI!

Email marketing is extremely effective when you have ROI in mind.
Other cost-effective ways to market online and gain huge returns are
(Pay per click),
Social media campaigns,
SEO, and
Content marketing, etc.

There are many more, but these few ways of digital marketing are the most effective when concerned with ROI. In social media marketing as well, you can decide how much you want to spend. Since the target groups are specific, the chances of conversions are much higher, thereby giving you more rewards compared to the kind of expenditure you do. Further, using certain tricks like segmenting your customers concerning their requirements and choices, there is a chance of making the customer spend more.

Research has shown that customers who received segmented emails shopped 760% more than their counterparts.

2) Better client relationship

Most of the people surfing online do not like having ads pop up from the websites they are surfing. To this accord, they usually have ad blockers.

In such a scenario,

How do you advertise?

To form a better relationship with your customers, it is best to respect their privacy.
Therefore, it is only apt that you email them your offers and advertisements and only when they subscribe to it.
Further, people not wishing to remain on your mailing lists have an option to unsubscribe. This helps send your mails only to people who are interested in them. This forms a better relationship between the customer and the business, creating loyalty.

3) More targeted

Traditional marketing approaches use a randomized or broad approach when it comes to targeting the customers. Digital marketing however offers us a targeted approach where we can narrow down the macros further till we have the super focussed target groups increasing the conversion rates by manifold.

Such advertising helps target people based on any features like,

Education, etc.

This person in your target group is the one who is most likely to make a purchase. This helps you formulate a digital marketing strategy that is specific and more personalized. This further increases the rate of conversion and the revenues flow.

Another aspect of targeted marketing is through search advertisements. This means that your ad will be reflected in people searching for certain keywords. This ensures that your advertisement is being shown to the people who are interested in that or are on the lookout for products like yours.

Adwords is an example of such a technique. Statistics show that over 60% of the website traffic is owing to the google search approach. This percent increases to almost 80% when businesses integrate SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in their marketing strategy. In search advertising, PPC or Pay Per Click helps your website to be ranked amongst the top searches increasing the traffic to your site.

4) Follows Recent Shopping Trends

The customers today are more conscious of their purchases and want to buy only after reading the reviews posted by other users. Further, simply being present online is not enough. Your content needs to be SEO optimized for best results and to appear in related searches. Without proper optimization, the entire effort of being present online goes waste.

The best ways of getting found online are
Social media posting,
Paid advertising on social medias,
AdWords, and
Other such paid digital marketing, etc.

5) Personalized

The trick to have most site visits or conversions is to send out the most relevant and personalized content to the buyer.

Explaining with an example, not all products on a website fall under the same category. A website might have apparel, beddings, and linen, and utensils for instance to sell. Not every buyer would be interested in each of these categories.

When an interested buyer agrees to be mailed marketing content or subscribes to your updates, the marketing team further segments these emails and buyer information based on their likings and choices. From then on, all the marketing-related advertisements released to these clients will be personalized, thus showing the buyers information that either they previously searched for or were interested in. This gives them more scope to find stuff they like, hence converting the marketing campaign into a shopping experience.

Such emails and marketing content hold a 101% chance of converting their call for action into a buy.

Further, using automation bots help you personalize the time when an email is sent to the clients. Each client has a particular time when he or she is free to check their emails. Understanding this time, the chances of the customers’ opening the emails increases when repeat emails are sent at strategized times. This automation increases the chances of being converted into sales by 50%.

6) Advanced analytics

With traditional media, getting analytics on the performance of your ad is quite difficult. The only way of doing that is setting up a proper experimental scenario with control groups and all and then drilling down your numbers which might be accurate or not.

In contrast, with digital marketing, the analytics tools provide you with exact figures.

The analytics function of google is so advanced that they tell you exactly,
Which ads did better,
At what time,
The demographics of the clients who clicked on the ad,
The number of times the ad was shared,
The number of times the ad got converted into a sale,
The revenue is generated and the list goes on.

With even the minutest details covered by Google analytics or analytics support provided by any other platform where ads are being showcased, you can maneuver or modify the presently running digital marketing campaign to improve it and make it more successful.

7) The better playing field for small businesses

With the advent of supermarkets and superstores, even as all the big companies are buying out smaller ones and consolidating probable competitions, it has become extremely difficult for small businesses to sustain.

In such an era, having an online presence gives small businesses a level playing ground. They have the same visibility as big businesses and hence, chances of these businesses getting noticed increase.

There have been several case studies where smaller businesses increased their revenues through digital marketing beating even big stalwarts like amazon in terms of popularity.

8) Scalability and adaptability

Not all businesses have the budget to do heavy-handed advertising amounting to huge sums of money. With digital marketing, the issues of budgeting and scalability of campaigns do not stand.

Every digital marketing campaign when run on a digital platform like Facebook or Google gives you the options like
Selecting the budget,
The number of days you want to run the campaign,
Customizing the number of people you want to reach,
The demographics of the target group,
The locality where the ad is targeted,
And other such factors.
This helps give you the option to either opt for a limited custom period for the ad or extend it further, depending on the response you get to the ad.

9) Integrating mobile technology

80.63% of the total world’s population, 6.378 billion people are using smartphones. If that is not an opportunity to make use of, then what is? The number of people shopping through their smartphones is on a rise.

57% of people have reported that advertisements on social media are more relevant to them than the ones they receive randomly. For the same reasons, the chances of them purchasing after seeing an ad on social media platforms like Facebook increase by manifold. Further, recent statistics show that almost 80% of smartphone users shop through their phones.

In such a scenario, integrating mobile phones into your digital marketing strategy becomes extremely important. Sending messages and emails to promote an event, offers or any new launches will inform interested customers enabling them into making an informed decision about buying your product or service.

10) Easy on the target audience

These days nobody wants to be forced into making decisions. People like to make informed decisions especially when it comes to buying or purchase-related. In such a scenario, having irritating pop-ups through your website spells a turn-off for a prospective client.

A better way to inform your clients about shopping discounts, offers or news is to email or use other forms of digital marketing.

To Conclude

While still a few years back, digital marketing was a newbie, online marketing is now in an indispensable stage. Goods and services are now being sold in a new way altogether. Days of unfocused marketing campaigns are long past. For a marketing campaign to succeed, a focussed approach to digital marketing is the best way forward. For a business with no definitive digital marketing strategy, it is like stepping back a few steps every single day.
The importance of a digital marketing strategy is ever more looming especially since every aspect of our lives has connected with the internet. It is the new way of life. Revenues form a major concern for businesses, and people who adopt smart online marketing can snowball their revenues. If you have a small, medium, or large business looking for further growth, contact someone dealing with online marketing services immediately and get aboard the digital marketing train.

Trust us! Your business awaits the growth it deserves. Undergo a digital transformation and get your engine going.

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