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It is a known fact that most of the end users in our current generation would prefer to use their mobile phones to find information effectively than any other form of communication. It is important for every business to adopt new technologies to gain users from the current market from time to time. eOrchids is the best Mobile Apps development company. Our expert developers create a user-friendly application that meets your business objectives.

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Mobile App Development Services

Ideas are everything in the world of business and innovation. At eOrchids TechSolutions, we aim at giving life to these bright and beautiful ideas of yours. We believe in building up businesses and providing mobile application development services is only one of the many ways that we go about helping businesses grow. While many businesses wonder if they need an application suited to their needs or even if the top mobile app developers would entertain their ideas – it is time for you to let go of your reservations. We have developed smart solutions for all types and formats of businesses.

Start-ups – It is especially tricky for business start-ups to realize whether they would require a mobile application early on in their business. however, it is true to say that most start-ups have been able to survive these arduous times because they had a mobile application to support them. Mobile applications are infallible, especially with more than 5.3 billion people presently using a smartphone. All you need to do is get your unique idea to us and we can do the rest for you.

SME – Just like start-ups, SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises can benefit from the world of mobile app development by having their business model turned into an application that makes it easier for their customers to approach them. Not only does this help by increasing their sales, but also helps in creating brand loyalty and trust.

Enterprises – Over the years, several well-established enterprises have entered into the foray of mobile applications. Enterprise Mobility Solutions have now become a thing, especially as it eases the processing of internal issues such as employee attendance, productivity, and other such matters. We understand how crucial such an undertaking is for your organization. Therefore, we ensure that stringent quality measures are taken in developing a custom mobile application for your enterprise.

Be it a start-up or a full-fledged business enterprise, we have worked with all and for all. We also understand that no one format will suit the needs and requirements of others. Therefore, we give ample thought and try to understand what our clients want from us. Based on these requirements, we go about the developmental process working on the format required by our clients.

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Our Expertise

There are several formats available that help address the requirements of our clients. Being a well-respected mobile application development company, we let our clients decide the format that works best for them. Some of the commonly used formats for app development are:

iOS App Development – We provide cutting-edge iOS app development services for our clients looking to develop mobile applications specific to this format. We have a skilled team of iOS App developers who specialize in iPhone application development keeping in mind all the intricacies and modalities involved within this platform.

Android App Development – We are an Android App development company with expert developers working on developing android-compatible applications using the latest technologies. Mobile responsive designs are developed using the best UI/UX practices for an engaging user experience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development – This platform allows app developers to develop a mobile application using HTML5 while covering the code with a native device’s cover enabling it to be compatible with any device one wishes.

Wearable App Development – In a world where high-tech wearables are quickly becoming the way of life, we understand how your business can benefit by getting on this bandwagon. So simply bring your ideas to us, and our expert app developers will ensure that all the latest features be included in any wearables your company markets.

IoT App Development – With smart households becoming a trend, the need for smart appliances, commonly referred to as IoT, has increased manifold. We specialize in transforming your appliances into smart devices.

Our Developmental Process

Unlike several companies that sell off-the-rack solutions for mobile application development, we take our time by first understanding what our clients are looking for and begin the process of developing the product, redoing it until our customers – YOU—are satisfied.

Ideation – We begin with the ideation, that is, forming a mental picture of how the end product would be. This step also helps us sit with the client and note down all their requirements and ideas to begin our ideation process along the same lines.

Analyzing, strategizing, and Prototyping – This step involves us starting to build on the ideas taken from the first process. We build prototypes, analyze their functionality and redo them when and if required.

UI/UX Designing – Once the prototyping is ready, the next step involves developing the UI/UX of the application. We have an entire team of dedicated app designers working towards giving our clients the most functional and appealing designs.

Development and Conversion Optimisation – As a Mobile Application Development Company, we strive toward offering our clients a hassle-free experience of developing a mobile application. Using the latest features, we develop mobile applications while keeping in mind their security. We go a step further ahead to focus on conversion optimization to ensure the complete success of the application or product developed.

Testing – We understand how important it is to test and retest these mobile applications to avoid any glitches in their scope of life. We do not stop till we are sure of the product.

Launch – Our services do not end with the end of product development. We also take on the responsibility of launching your mobile application to the applicable platforms.

Regular updates and augmentation – No product or mobile application lifecycle is complete without updates and augmentation as and when new technologies come up. We understand how important it is for an application to stay abreast of new technological developments for a successful lifecycle. Therefore, we also augment these apps developed by us as and when required.

So, what are you waiting for? We are there with you at every step of mobile app development. Our top mobile app developers will ensure you get the best mobile application out of that idea of yours. Contact our executives to know more.

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