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A company is recognized by the audiences and customers through the image it portrays. This image is called its branding. The branding includes everything from its logo, design, color palette, tagline, or theme of adverts sent out.

At e-Orchids Techsolutions, we provide you with branding and rebranding business services and more to help give you that extra edge to stand out against your competitors.

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Why Is Branding Needed?

Branding helps your customers perceive you in a precise light. Your website, the kind of products you sell, and even intangible elements such as simply correlating with a particular feeling help prospective customers decide whether to trust you as a brand or not. It propels your sales and brand image within the market, stabilizing your company and products further. Therefore, every company must be branded such that its brand’s voice is clear and loud. There is no better way to voice your brand than your tagline. The tagline is the best way to position your company’s message to the customers. The basic idea of creating a brand image is to evoke positive responses or emotions amongst the target audiences.

At eOrchids Techsolutions, we take our time to understand the core values and theme of your product or company and find innovative ways to design a branding strategy that portrays precisely what your product stands for.

Branding Standards Manual

Branding Standards Manual or BSM is essential to ensure that there is continuity in the way your brand showcases to the world. BSM has a guideline that defines explicit parameters and rules specific to your brand. It creates a manual that helps set down guidelines that decide how your brand should be portrayed. For instance, the color scheme, logo, fonts to be used, and other intangible aspects as well, that guide the kind of imagery to be used, the tone of the brand, and other such aspects. Deciding the tone and voice of the brand is of extreme importance as that determines if the customers will relate to the brand or not. Using BSM, the chances of making an error in this aspect are minimized. At eOrchids Techsolutions, we ensure that we move step-by-step, resolving all the aspects before deciding on the branding of the company/product. It ensures that preliminary formalities like building up BSM are fulfilled, providing a base for a successful branding campaign.

Steps of Branding

Marketing Analysis

Before the beginning of the branding formation, it is essential to conduct the market analysis that provides us with identity research. It gives us an insight into the best image and positioning that would work for the brand.

Brand Strategy Development

Through thorough market research, we understand the right mix of the market, the target audience, and the product category in question. It enables us to identify consumer motivations that result in the buying pattern. It, in turn, helps us to understand the best communication mix that will be most effective in imparting the right message to the customers.

Further, a brand audit helps identify the key features and styles that should be marketed and incorporated into the communication. Understanding this is key to formulating a few positioning hypothetical campaigns before finalizing the most optimal one.

The next stage is brand design. Depending on the final positioning strategy, creative design solutions for the brand can be further developed. It would include elements such as color scheme, fonts, type of photography, graphics, or any other visual elements that would be included within the design of the branding campaign.

The fact is that we ensure that the research is thorough so that the result is in a mature branding campaign that not only expands the market share of the brand but also increases the efficiency of the promotion being done.


We are an expert when it comes to creative and branding services. However, we understand that sometimes companies need an altogether new look, and that is where rebranding comes in. While a daunting task, since the company already has an existing image, it is nevertheless a necessary task to evolve along with the changing times and market conditions.

Some of the reasons you should opt for rebranding are:

Image Makeover – Every company requires an image makeover at some time or the other in its lifecycle. When you decide to change your business format or get into diversification, it is best to let your customers know of the same. not only will it help attract a new customer base looking for new-age solutions, but it will also be a declaration of what your company stands for now.

Brand Differentiation – In order to stand out amongst your competitors, creative rebranding solutions are essential. This allows you more visibility in a competitive market that has probably already reached its saturation point.

Increase Market share – Not only will rebranding your company helps you gain ground in market share it also allows expansion of your customer loyalists.

Change is Essential – In times where the world changes in the blink of an eye, evolving along with it, is crucial to staying successful.

Companies that fail to rebrand and evolve either get acquired or dissolved in the long run. Further, as a company grows into a more diversified segment, it requires new branding altogether. It is always better to involve a branding company for the same process as they can get you results without getting influenced by the company’s past. eOrchids Techsolutions provides you with creative rebranding services by understanding your company’s future goals.

We make your dreams come true. Connect with us and explore our creative branding and rebranding services today.

Identity Development

eOrchids Techsolutions has helped several clients get the ‘face’ they truly deserve through our creative business branding solutions. By this, we mean the brand or the company’s identity. While most people associate a company’s identity with simply the fonts or color scheme, we understand that it is a more intrinsic and complex process than just that. Developing corporate identity requires a complete assessment of what the company stands for. We create several brand visualizations only after considering all major aspects involved such as the most suited visual elements, showcase spaces, symbols, fonts, colors, etc. Once our templates are ready, we ask you, our client, to select the one that feels most suited for your needs.

Brand Promotion

The final step into creative business branding – brand promotion majorly deals with a robust communication strategy. At eOrchids TechSolutions, our experts provide our clients with just the right communication mix for efficacious results. Once our branding strategy is finalized, we decide upon our target group and the feel and manner of communication.

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