Why Outsource Software Development

The times are changing, and most businesses are crippled today without a proper software solution to run their day-to-day affairs. Aside from that, online presence in the form of a proper website or an application, have become a must for any business to thrive and be recognized. In such a scenario, developing the websites, applications, and software in-house is an added liability for businesses that have no prior experience in doing the same. Therefore, hiring a reliable software development company becomes imperative for businesses.

A few of the reasons that businesses opt to outsource software development are:

  1. Saves time to focus on business – Spending valuable business hours on software development, when the same amount of time could be spent improving the business, seems a waste of time in hindsight, especially when you can have someone else do the same job more effectively for you.
  2. Budget-Friendly – Not just time and efficiency, outsourcing the task of software development makes more sense because it turns out to be budget-friendly in the end. Imagine the number of hours spent on working and reworking software development; while skilled experienced software development companies can do the same thing in half the time.
  3. More Efficient – As mentioned above, hiring a reliable software development company increases the overall efficiency of your business because you save precious time and money by outsourcing the task. You can plan while a team of efficient and skilled developers works to develop your software. In this scenario, you get the finished product at the time promised to you, without you having to deal with the trouble of testing, retesting, fixing glitches in the software, and all other issues that require attention to make for successful software.

Outsourcing vs Out staffing

One of the points of confusion that several businesses face is the differentiation between outsourcing and out staffing and which option proves to be better overall?

Outsourcing, as the name suggests, means hiring a firm outside of your own business to do the job work for you. In this case, businesses will be hiring IT development companies or offshore software development companies to develop software for them. When a business outsources the job work – say outsourcing mobile app development – the software development firm hired is responsible for the entire process involving the development of the mobile app. It begins with conceptualization based on the requirements received from the business, designing, prototyping, testing, editing, retesting, and delivering. The task does not end there. These software development companies will also be responsible for giving the developed product lifetime of service, when and if required.

In out-staffing though, the business hires software developers from another company. Most commonly though, the out-staffing team is asked to join the business’s office remotely or be relocated to the nearest office. The out-Staffing team can consist of one or all, depending on the kind of work you ask them to do – developers, analysts, marketers, etc. The whole point of out-staffing is that the business remains in charge of the entire process of software development. They have the team and they can monitor the process, molding it according to their needs and requirements.

While the functioning of the two types of outsourcing and out-staffing processes are different, the decision to choose lies in the business and its requirements. If the business is looking towards expansion, not leaving much time to focus on the task of software development – it is best to choose outsourcing as your option. However, if you have had a prior experience in the field of software development and do not mind the extra task of developing the software, out staffing can be the thing for you. Depending on your requirements, therefore, you can select between the two.

Present Scenario

50% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide prefer Indian software companies for outsourcing their software development requirements. Considered amongst the top countries to be delivering the software development services, software outsourcing contributed to a revenue of USD 191 billion for the Indian economy in 2020 alone. Indian IT services have been growing at a pace of more than 10% annually for the past 5 years, while this growth is forecast to be 7.5% over the next five years. Excelling in Fintech, network security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), product engineering, and SaaS technology, Indian software companies are much sought after worldwide to outsource software development. The first half of the year 2020 alone saw a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of approximately $45 billion.

Reasons for Hiring Indian Companies for Software Development

While there are undoubtedly several countries that offer good software development services, there is none like India. India has some of the most reliable software development companies. As also mentioned above, they are recognized worldwide for the quality of services offered, making them the top choice for offshoring amongst IT companies worldwide. Mentioned below are some of the reasons that make hiring Indian software development companies the best choice for businesses across the globe:

  1. Stable Government policies

Amongst other nations that offer software development services, Indian IT services stand on the top because India is one of the most stable countries, policy-wise. The Indian government offers friendly policies concerning the use of the Indian talent pool for software development. This makes Indian software development companies an ideal choice for those businesses worldwide looking for an offshore software development company.

  1. An abundance of Talented Developers

Indian developers are amongst the best in the whole world. Learning from the best software development schools (Indian Institute of Technology aka IIT is amongst the top institutes around the world to study engineering), software developers in India also know how to think outside the box. Considered to be amongst the most ingenious people, Indians can think outside the box to give you the best solutions. Another added advantage is the size of the talent pool found in India. With its population, India produces a sizeable number of software developers each year. At present, India has a talent pool comprising more than 800,000 software developers, while more get added each year to this number. Overall, the Indian IT sector employs more than 13 million employees directly and indirectly.

  1. Cost-effective

One of the most considered reasons to opt for an Indian software development company is the underlying cost of it all. India is one of those countries that offer you the best of the product at the cheapest the rates. It has been noted that Indian companies offer almost 30% lesser prices than their counterparts in other countries. This means that the business can cut down up to 30% of their total IT spending simply by choosing India as their offshore software development partner. This budget-friendly software development avenue provides you most professional services at the best price, ultimately making it a win-win situation for your business.

  1. Ease of Communication due to English proficiency

One of the major reasons, aside from the budget that most MNCs choose an Indian software development company for their software development requirements, is the communication factor. Unlike other countries that offer software development services, Indian developers are quite proficient in English – the global language – making it easy for businesses to communicate directly without any misunderstandings. India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world.

  1. Work Transparency

Indian businesses are up to date when it comes to the current business trends. They understand that transparency in business is of utmost importance to stay focussed & enthused, and gain the trust of the working partners. The costing is upfront and no hidden charges are popping up to surprise the clients at the later stage of the product development. Therefore, for most businesses looking to outsource software development, Indian companies are a go-to place.

  1. Consistent Quality

True to all products and services at any point in time, consistency of the quality of the product offered matters. No matter how good the other factors, if the quality of the end product is not good, nobody would like to make a repeat purchase or even a recommendation to others. Understanding this principle, be rest assured that Indian software development companies are very well capable of delivering consistent results time and over again. Adding to the equation is the fact that most Indian software development companies are ISO certified. This ensures that the product development process they follow, involving – requirement analysis, designing & wireframing, development & coding, prototype development testing, and quality assurance — is accredited and their quality standards are maintained. Therefore, the quality of the services and products offered by Indian companies are incomparable, adding to the overall value of the product.

  1. Time-Zone Benefits

Indian developers work round the clock, giving them the benefit of the time zone differences. Unlike other countries where the time zone difference is not much for the employees to function this efficiently, Indian developers have the added benefit to be able to work efficiently in any given time zone. This pattern of working also makes them more productive, while improving communication between the client company and the developer firm. This makes it easier for the Indian developers to present on-time deliverables.

  1. The plethora of world-class services on offer

Being the top country to provide software development services, India offers a wide array of world-class software development services such as outsourcing website development, mobile app development, application development, and several other specialized services. India ranks number 1 when it comes to developing custom software solutions. Simply take your pick and relax while the expert Indian developers take the lead in addressing all your software woes.

  1. Proficient in most development languages

Indian developers are ingenious and this is very much visible in the ease with which they adapt to coding in the preferred language of their clients. Indian developers can work effortlessly on Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, C#, PHP, and other such languages (like TypeScript, Kotlin, etc). Ranking amongst the top 5 countries in the proficiency of using these coding languages, Indian developers offer you the choice of your coding language.

  1. Better continued customer support

Due to the round-the-clock presence, hiring Indian developers is an added plus as it lends better 24×7 support to your company. The fact is that Indian software developers are well adjusted to working the hours according to the time zone of their clients. This enables the clients, as well as, the developer company to work in tandem with each other, delivering better results, and being more productive. This also allows for around-the-clock service support, which is always a bonus in times of crisis.

  1. Disciplined work ethics

Indian firms work with a global mindset, therefore, showcasing an extremely disciplined work culture. Software developers are quite learned, and innovative and can bring creative solutions to problems by looking at them from a different perspective. Further, Indian work culture does not exceptionally adhere to hierarchy, thus offering the developers all the creative freedom to bring something new and innovative to the table. This only works for the benefit of the clients who are always looking for a unique product as an answer to their requirements.

The long list of reasons to select Indian software development companies to develop content for your business reasons enough for you to choose India as your off-shoring partner.

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