What a beautiful world man has created. Full of technologies and what not things invented by man for his easy life. With all the hi-tech words and life, there still remains a corner in this world which is still untouched with technology. To promote the awareness about the technologies, many nonprofit or non-governmental charitable trusts and groups work in this area.

Basic information to provide them is education: Educating about the new technologies and getting up-to-date is important. One laptop per child, netbooks, tablets and inexpensive laptops help individual child to launch the creativity within without hesitation. These One Laptop Per Child is durable, carry good battery backup, inexpensive and of course very handy. This brings poverty stricken children to understand and implement the technology sitting anywhere in the world. Know how the technology is affecting us:

1. Alternative payment options: With the developing technologies alternative payment options are available like Google Pay, PayPal, ApplePay etc are a mode to show the wide monetary acceptance. It’s not just being digital but it’s more importantly being handy, quick and also easy to do.

2. Mobile Applications: Apart from alternative payment options, mobile applications are available to ensure the direct end-to-end network. Applications are available where you can get a direct access instead of opening website and login into account and then proceeding with the matter.

3. Social media – Digital marketing: different campaigns are run for translating the issues into real world. What can be the best way else than Social media to fulfill this issue. Lightful and WorkMobile work for charitable cause. Forums on charity and blogs help to communicate and expand the charity socially and globally.

4. Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality also plays a vital role in charities, varying from sorting and processing of the data to uploading and publishing all the videos for demonstrating, listening, hearing and understanding the videos live.

5. Artificial Intelligence: with the growing technology, Artificial Intelligence has taken place an important role in AI assistance and chatbots. From responding to streamlining the data and resource, AI is helping out humans without their involvement.

There is an urgent need of faster, cheaper and better technologies. With the new technologies come the usage of the internet and battery backup. Income generation and the technologies which support a minimal fund to carry on the process of education are required in a wider sense and thus have become an integral part of this sector. The main hurdle is funding the charity groups to get proper required technology and digital skills. This can’t be achieved in a restricted fund. The strategies and the funds go simultaneously.

With the internet presence one can draw attention to their sector via any reliable IT network and internet connection. With this managed technology one can trust this sector for its working and reliable technology support. Now-a-days technology is widely spread with regular backups and training skill development. After a regular access to the information, one can keep a record and access it anytime. With these small hurdles still we are able to transform the charity sector.

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