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The latest Dubai paperless strategy has made a remarkable buzz amidst people across the globe. With the latest advancement in technology, Smart Dubai has introduced a cutting-edge web app entitled ‘Smart Supplier’. With this smart mobile application, suppliers enrolled in GRPS – Government Resource Planning System will be facilitated to access data, bids, contracts and maneuver financial proceedings from more than 50 Dubai Government units. Sounds really interesting, isn’t? Come let’s take a quick look and grab the best information about this wonderful invention…

Being compiled with multiple benefits and characteristic features, this Smart Supplier app remains accessible on both iPhone and Android mobile phones. Suppliers can access the app anytime, anywhere and process the transactions via smartphones effortlessly. It facilitates the users to explore the documents related to bids, manage billing activities and as well pay tender fees. Users don’t need a username and password for viewing the public bids, however they have to log in for placing and accessing the bids. The prime objective of this Smart Dubai’s plans is to accomplish Dubai Paperless Strategy and make the entire government business transactions into paperless operations by the end of the year 2021. The success of this venture will indeed make Dubai – the most divine and happiest smart city on the globe. 

Smart Dubai has introduced a number of initiatives and significant services in order to automate and digitalize the entire Dubai Government Operations. All these venturous innovations and services will aid us promoting our role and help us to accomplish the targets for the UAE’S 50th anniversary – proclaimed by Sheikh Mohammed. He is the Ruler of Dubai and the UAE’s Vice President and PM. As a result, this process will facilitate Dubai’s transformation into a smart city and as well helps in enforcing Dubai Paperless Strategy 2021. 

The advancement of the smart supplier app helps in bringing cutting-edge solutions to the customers and employees. Besides everything, this app reinforces the best business methodologies that helps to accomplish enhanced business market, said H.E. The ease of use platform, efficient business methods together makes this app really wonderful. So, what makes the ‘Smart Supplier’ app really special and significant? Well, here are some additional information that explains detailed information about this app. Come on, let’s take a quick look at the flow-up and examine the qualities of this app: 

  • With this app, users can quickly pay the tender fees in case of notice. 
  • Users can quickly return the invoices to the government units, which indeed saves around 40% of your time. This is really appreciable!
  • With the interactive panel, enrolled users can quickly explore and view their records and statistics, view the work volume being dealt with the government units and other contracts as well. 
  • Suppliers are allowed to apply for delivery notification of the services and products, whereby receive the acknowledgement by means of digitally signed documents.
  • Smart Supplier app facilitates the government units to enroll more suppliers for their accessible services. This can enhance the competition level and standards, and acquire the best services possible. 

Well, with regards to the availability of the ‘Smart Supplier’ app, users don’t have to struggle much in accessing it. Registered users can quickly complete their transactions via smartphones they have in their pockets. The transactions are really going to be effortless, as they can make it anytime, any day and anywhere. So, how are you going to avail this application? That’s going to be really simple… Visit: Apple store if you are an iPhone user and navigate through Google PlayStore if you are an Android user. 

Alright, let’s go through the possible navigation features that smart supplier app offers to its registered suppliers: 

  • Can quickly view documents associated to bids 
  • Can make effortless billing process 
  • Can pay tender fees immediately without any delay
  • Can submit invoice statements to government units in just a couple of click through
  • Can receive signed digital copy for the services and products

The introduction of this app is definitely a welcoming process and of course it can help in achieving Dubai Paperless Strategy. With the many benefits, this Smart Supplier app will aid both the customers and government entities to make paperless operations. 

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