In this era, where Technology is booming, we humans still can’t fix the outcome of disasters or even get prepared to save people from disasters. We in a hi-tech world of social media, real time data and so called technology in hand, fail to save people from disasters.

We have all the new techniques to know about any disaster in this world. Scientists are using seismic sensor array for monitoring an avalanche start zone, barometer, seismograph, GIS systems advance, etc., to predict and warn about the disaster and provide perfect aid on time.

Aerial Robotics including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones help in humanitarian aid. It helps in providing awareness about the situation and delivers the help quickly.

Another technology, Mobile Vulnerability analysis and mapping (mVAM) is used for manual data collection and survey so that the help regarding food and technology can be sent accordingly.

Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) works on cloud-controlled Meraki technology, establishes connectivity when disaster strikes and works faster than the government or local infrastructure. This helps in assisting with network issues in havoc conditions.

With the help of Big Data Analytics, disaster responses are enhanced by a new era of intelligence. A huge count of data is created at the time of disaster such as personal and medical data, geolocation and mapping, tracking of survivors, and more. But the challenge is managing the data when effectively deployed. It gives access to crucial information on which to act upon, prioritize and optimize response efforts by means of crowdsourcing and various ways of situation awareness.

Disaster brings about physical, emotional and mental destruction of individual and also vanishes the infrastructure of that area. When in an emergency for disaster relief, aid provided to them includes basic food, drinking water, safe shelter and real-time disaster modeling to check on disaster in a futuristic approach. Along with this, this was the first time when new relief effort was made to provide solar lanterns and charged mobile handsets in Iraq. This solution of communication made a major impact but without mobile network coverage it wouldn’t have been possible. With this problem, the solution was introduced, mesh networking, mobile network created by mobile users. Dozens of technological programs were introduced to send relief.

During disasters, advancements in technology shift our world to put efforts to help, save and provide relief towards others in need. Although, technology is pushing humans to cause a positive impact on the world, but during disasters and havoc conditions we all unite as humans and try to help one in need. This is a great way to spread the important message of humanity. Without these developments we can’t make great positive impact on lives.

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